The artists of the national theatre of song and dance “Baikal from Ulan-Ude unexpectedly for the audience made a concert in honor of the opening of the new season, a parody of the growing popularity of the Internet hit “Pineapple Apple Pen Pen” is a Japanese comedian and DJ Kazuhiko Kozaki, known by the nickname Piko-Taro. About it reports broadcasting company “Arigus”.

On its channel on YouTube the artists noted: “We also could not resist!”

Hit Piko-Taro considered a competitor to the famous clip Gangnam Style Korean singer Park Jae Sana (Psy).

On the portal page of 9GAG in Facebook, where the video was published on September 25, the clip has 65 million views. Video Piko-Taro sings about what happens if you combine a pen and an Apple and a pen, and pineapple.

Theatre “Baikal” does not get tired to please their fans of the original rooms. So, on Victory Day in may 2016, the team introduced a new version of the famous tango “Weary sun” performed by the orchestra of the Buryat national tools under the direction of honored artist of Buryatia Republic of. Toktonov.

Previously Heath was common in Network video performance by the artist of the theatre “Baikal” Irina Salanova musical themes from the movies “pulp fiction” and “Taxi” in the arrangement for chanza.

The theatre also performed a cover version of the soundtrack to the television series “Game of thrones” on folk instruments. Music trio theater was used by the Morin Huur (Mongolian stringed musical instrument), Jochen (many stringed plucked instrument) and Limbe batjargal Ulzii (the ancient wood-wind instrument resembling a transverse flute).

Theatre “Baikal” completed the concert in honor of the opening of the season, a parody of rival Gangnam Style 03.10.2016

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