The President of the constitutional court (CC) of Russia Valery Zorkin said that the legal system, previously approved in the humanistic society is currently collapsing, as was predicted by the Apostle Paul. Speaking at the opening of the twentieth world Russian people’s Council in Moscow on Tuesday, Zorkin stated that the right loses its regulatory capacity and legal structure lose strength and reliability.

“There is a risk of lawlessness, calling up the words of the Holy Apostle Paul, who at the dawn of the era warned that the mystery of iniquity doth already work”, – said the head of the COP, quoted by “Interfax”.

According to Zorkin, the most danger of lawlessness manifested in the sphere of international legal relations and the Yalta agreement of 1945, which still adhered to all over the world are being violated.

The head of the COP, in his speech also expressed concern about the discrepancies of Western European legal development with moral norms, rooted in the Christian tradition. Zorkin said that meant recognition of a legal norm of non-traditional behavior patterns of sexual and gender minorities, attempts to equalize men and women without taking into account their biological differences, the intrusion of state bodies and government organizations “in quite a happy family.”

According to Zorkin, such contradictions of traditional family law principles question the survival of the human race. According to the Chairman of the constitutional court, Russia together with Europe needs to establish public standards that allow to overcome the growing gap between them.

We will remind, in may, Valery Zorkin said that Russia is not obliged to comply with international treaties and conventions in the occurrence of conflicts of law. Participation in international agreements means that a country voluntarily assumes obligations and reserves the right to final decisions, he said.

Speaking at a lecture dedicated to the VI St. Petersburg international legal forum, Zorkin also said that Russia is not yet a fully democratic government because so far there are calls to live the truth, and not according to the law.

Then the head COP said that President Barack Obama about the exceptionalism of America and Americans contains almost quoting verbatim propagandists of Nazi Germany, including Adolf Hitler.

With regard to the said Zorkin on Tuesday warning of the Apostle Paul in his Second letter to the Thessalonians (V. 2:7) States: “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he (will not happen) until then, until he be taken out of the medium holding now.” Have in mind that lawlessness can not develop as long as persons are able to keep the development of iniquities, is spoken in the interpretations of the New Testament.

The world Russian people’s Council (WRPC) – an international public organization created in 1993. The head of the Council is Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia. In 2005, the world Russian people’s Council was granted special consultative status at the UN.

“There is a risk of lawlessness”: the head, the COP recalled the warning of the Apostle Paul 01.11.2016

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