The Ministry of culture of Russia after the Kremlin has responded to a dramatic statement of the artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin about the return of censorship and government involvement in the fight for morality and freedom of creativity. Deputy head of Department Alexander Zhuravsky assured the public that the Ministry never intervenes in the artistic activity of the theater.

“We were very surprised of the words of Konstantin Arkadevich Raikin as about the possible closure of the theatre, and about the existence of “censorship”, “attacks” on theaters. From theatrical figures there is no basis for such statements. Notice that we do not require anything that is associated with creative performance, without interfering in artistic activity, direct the selection of theater plays, materials”, – quotes the official RIA “Novosti”.

Zhuravsky said that the Ministry of culture had never been dramatic material proof or specific edits. The Agency exercises control only over the targeted financing costs, and, according to the budget law, ensure the effectiveness of expenditures.

“If to speak about economic indicators, then this brand in the field of our powers and functions. If we are talking about the creative part, we do not exercise any censorship. The state along with theatrical and professional community creates the conditions including the generation of the priorities that should be supported. We support modern dramaturgie, a young Director, supported and implemented grant-based support regions. Maybe someone thinks that this intervention or, as expressed by Konstantin Arkadievich, “hitting”, but it is the implementation of a policy”, – assured the Deputy Minister.

We will remind, the artistic Director of “Satirikon” raised the issue of repeated “attacks on the arts,” noting that he personally believes the ban censorship “greatest event” in the life of the country. In addition, Raikin expressed concern that the authorities distanciruemsa from those people who advocate the closure of exhibitions and cancellation of performances.

“These groups allegedly offended people who are close plays, close the show, very blatantly behave, which is very strange power neutral, distanciruemsa. I think that is an outrageous infringement on the freedom of creativity,” continued the Director.
“I do not believe these groups of indignant and offended people, who, you see, the religious feelings insulted. Do not believe! Believe that they paid for. So – it’s a group of nasty people who are nasty illegal ways for morality, you see,” said Raikin, urging colleagues “not to pretend that the government is the only bearer of morality”.

Add, the week before performances of Konstantin Raikin called a press conference and stated that “Satyricon” was on the verge of closing. He said that he had appealed to the Ministry of culture with the request to allocate funds theatre for the next performance. Officials promised to consider the request.

Last year the topic of censorship and the growing pressure from officials and Pro-government associations raised at the meeting of theatrical figures in the celebration of the centennial of George Tovstonogov. The representatives of the theater, joined by filmmakers and other artists, stated that today “the aesthetic questions addressed to the Church and the Cossack administration, the courts and the officials.” Shortly thereafter, about censorship, which are new productions, said artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky theater Valery Fokin.

“There is no censorship, but there are the development priorities”: the Ministry of culture commented on the performance of Konstantin Raikin 26.10.2016

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