Turkish businessmen deported from Russia due to the fact that they were doing business without the proper visa. About 40 Turkish citizens were detained for violation of immigration laws, reports the local TV channel “Russia.Kuban”.

Businessmen participated in the agricultural exhibition “YUGAGRO”. They represented products Turkish companies, communicated with business partners, while issuing business visa, told acting Deputy chief of Department of immigration control UFMS of Russia across Krasnodar territory Vartan Ter-Sahakyan. “Visa provided for Turkish citizens if they arrive on the territory of the Russian Federation for the purpose of employment or commercial purposes”, – he explained.

According to the guests from Turkey, they didn’t know that breaking the law is to declare themselves as tourists they were offered at the Russian customs. “We were asked for what purpose we came to Russia. We said we came to the exhibition… we were told to write – as tourists,” – said the citizen of Turkey Baris Kalkan. He explained that his company in such an event participates for the first time.

Turkey may close the Straits of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles in the case of “threat of military danger”

Russia strengthens control over supplies of food, clothing, and household chemicals from Turkey

According to the Turkish edition of CNN, businessmen have been under arrest for the whole day. “We didn’t know what we were like hostages,” said the SENC Bakara. He said that earlier he had no problems, but during the arrest he heard from his guards: “You shot down our plane, get here now”.

According to the court, which was held on 26 November, 39 businessmen will be sent to a camp for migrants in Sochi and then expelled from the country. In addition, violators have to pay a fine of two to five thousand rubles.

This year in the exhibition “YUGAGRO” is attended by about 700 companies from more than 30 countries. It is the largest in Russia exhibition of equipment and materials for the agricultural industry. It began on Tuesday, November 24, and will run until Friday, says on its website.

Russian bomber su-24M was shot down by Turkish fighter F-16 on the border of Turkey and Syria – in an area that is under the control of Syrian Turkmens. Both pilots ejected. One shot in the air, he died. Another, as reported later in the day, the defense Ministry, were rescued during the search operation and taken to the base of the Russian Federation in Syria.

The Turkish leadership insists that su-24 has broken air space of the country, thus justifying the actions of its air force. According to the Turkish military, the Russian pilots were warned several times prior to the attack. According to the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, “violation of airspace was not” – the plane was over Syrian territory, participating in operations against the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

“This one’s for the plane”: in Krasnodar declared a “threat tourism” – detained dozens of Turkish businessmen 26.11.2015

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