From January to September this year, Russian banks offered to sell a portfolio of bad debts with a volume of 245 billion roubles (by results of tenders) up to 390 billion roubles (by results of the tenders).

Such data, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, provided in the review of the collection Agency “Sequoia credit consolidation”.

Before selling portfolios, banks have chased away a few times through bad credit collectors under the Agency scheme. Put up for sale almost hopeless debt – mostly older than two years. Rates on these debts this year continue to fall. In the third quarter of the deals were on average 0.5-1% of nominal vs. 2.5% a year earlier.

Estimated market sources, a growth of over 40% compared to the same period last year – a record pace for the last three years. The peak sales traditionally account for bad debts for the fourth quarter.

The average amount of the sale debt amounted to approximately 12 billion rubles. Last year this indicator did not exceed 10 billion roubles.

Among the on sale noticeable increase portfolios of mortgage – 6% vs. 1%. A year ago the debtors were hung on the average on 50 thousand roubles, for October this year – 99,5 thousand. The more debt, the harder it is to work with the debtor and to achieve full repayment.

In the debt collection Agency noted that not all transactions come to a logical end and the portfolio remains on the balance sheet of the creditor. One reason for this is the price that buyers offer and which is different from what you expect from your vendors.

“First of all, this was mainly due to the deterioration of the quality of the portfolios and reduce the solvency of debtors,” write the experts.

This year, Russian banks offered record collectors bad debt portfolios 24.09.2015

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