Already three people became victims of avalanches in Buryatia since the beginning of March. The latest incident happened on the evening of 3 March in the Tunkinsky district of the Republic, where the victim of the disappearance of the snow masses became a miner of jade, reports UlanMedia news Agency.

On the website of the regional emergencies Ministry reported that as a result of avalanches in the mouth of the river ilchir on the evening of 3 March, under the blockage was one person – the worker of the mining organization. To scene 15 lifeguards with the necessary equipment, including probes, avalanche sensors and satellite communications.

This is the third since the beginning of the month a case of disappearance of the snow masses in the mountains of Eastern Sayan, in which people die. 1 March in Okinsky rayon avalanche caught a group of Moscow tourists from Moscow, was killed by her head. On the morning of 3 March Arshansky pass in the Tunkinsky district under an avalanche hit a group of tourists from Nizhny Novgorod, there’s also one person died.

“The Desk Sergeant says that tourists go where it is not necessary, – quotes UlanMedia one of the locals. – From Oka to one of the deceased was brought, sent. Tomorrow will bring the second, and two people kind of in the hospital. As I understand it, they are a jade mine, which is popularly called “Vancini”.

According to the MOE, to date, the routes of the Eastern Sayan registered six tourist groups who fell under the snow masses. Rescuers say that all these routes are allocated to a fourth-fifth grade, there are some of the most complex. In connection with snow descents in mountains all tourists are warned about the danger, but no one group is not reported on the return, note in the Agency.

Earlier there was saying that these groups – professionally trained, these include people involved in active tourism. “All of them before leaving for the route warned of avalanches in the mountains of Buryatia. However, they decided to go to the mountains. Prohibit Hiking we can not”, – stated in the MOE.

While in the mountains due to heavy snowfalls in these days the avalanche danger persists in the Eastern Sayans, the mountains of Northern Baikal and Muya areas of Buryatia. In this regard, the MOE reiterates its request that the guests of the Republic with an appeal to refrain from outputs to the mountain trails.

Three people died under avalanches in Buryatia in three days, but it doesn’t deter tourists 04.03.2016

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