About 650 thousand people took part in the events dedicated to the celebration of national unity Day, in Moscow participants of the March “We are one” were about 80 thousand people, reported on Friday, November 4, at the Ministry of interior. Some participants of the festive rally in Moscow, Chechnya and the Krasnodar region recognized that their participation was not voluntary.

Official representative of Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk said across the country today took place over thousands of festive events – rallies, marches, music festivals and concerts.

Public order was provided by the employees of internal Affairs bodies of the MIA of Russia and of national guard troops, as well as employees of private security organizations, members of voluntary national teams and representatives of the Cossacks. “During the events of significant violations of public order is not allowed,” she said.

The mass the procession passed through the center of Moscow – metro station “Pushkinskaya” on Tverskaya street, but a year ago, the number of participants was more than 85 thousand.

In Moscow students are promised trouble for failure to appear at the rally

A student of Moscow University for the Humanities Valery said Gazetesithat meeting she liked, and she was in a good way “excited” by so many people. She admitted that to come to the meeting she was asked in high school, although “no force driven”.

Student at a Moscow College, standing at the rally with a ball in the shape of a heart and red roses, said that they drove in the decision-making procedure: “a Few people said to go. In case of absence of promised problem. Said then have to write explanations”.

“We are actively portrayed the crowd”: in the South of Russia at the event was under threat of dismissal

The “Caucasian knot” notes that in the South of Russia the celebration was held in official atmosphere, with some participants of celebrations have complained that they were forced to come to the protest with a threat of dismissal from work.
“We warned that November 4 will be the day, but by 10am we should be at the centre to take part in the rally. Had to be on the square in front of city hall and a mosque, as for failing to appear at the event, the authorities threatened problems. After the speech of the Minister of press Dzhambulat Umarov we have gone from there”, – told the newspaper an employee of one of the national agencies rose.

Especially numerous celebrations were held today in Grozny – where, according to official figures, in celebration was attended by several dozen thousand people. In front of the mosque “Heart of Chechnya” in the center of the city held a rally and a concert with participation of singers and creative teams of the Republic. The Central part of the city in the morning was closed to traffic.

“Everything was as usual. By bus we drove to the center where a rally was held on the occasion of unity Day. There’s also handed out flags and banners, portraits of Putin, Kadyrov and the like, and we actively portrayed the crowd. Well at least today’s weather is Sunny and the street is relatively warm,” – said a student of one of universities of Grozny Khamzat.

“We almost every month we participate in some strange activities. Today here were at the rally. There were lots of people, made Minister of the press, was nothing special. Almost all monotonous and similar. The flags of Russia, Chechnya and the “United Russia”, the portraits of Putin, Akhmad and Ramzan Kadyrov, all sorts of banners and banners that were distributed before the meeting. Young people may interested in the day to meet in the centre, to communicate, to hear the singers and sit in a cafe. I have to be honest, no traction for such events is long gone. But not to be impossible, the authorities threatened with dismissal”, – said the employee of one of the local businesses Waha.

In Krasnodar, according to city hall, a festive rally and a concert on Pushkin square came 15 thousand people. Before the pitch was made Vice-Governor Yuri Burlachko, Secretary of the regional branch of the party “United Russia” Nikolay Gritsenko and the Chairman of the movement “For faith, Kuban and Fatherland” Nikolay Denisov.
“Our enemies do not realize that any difficulties we only unite, and our multinational people of Russia is becoming more common. It has always been, and will be now,” – said at the meeting, in particular, Yuri Burlachko.

Mostly gathered in the square, employees of budgetary organizations of the city, told the “Caucasian knot” participant, teacher Daria Pisina. “The weather is disgusting, we had to go because at work we were told that it is necessary”, – said the woman.

Unity day celebrated in the East of Ukraine and Crimea

National unity day celebrated self-proclaimed Republic of Donbass. In the center of Lugansk in honor of this day was the so-called “Russian Jogging”, which gathered, as stated on the Agency’s website people’s Republic of Luhansk News Front, “more than a thousand young people from various regions of the Republic.” The campaign was also supported by representatives of the motorcycle club “Night Wolves. Donbass”, which led the convoy.

In Donetsk, at the same time celebrated the Day of unity, Day of the Kazan icon of the mother of God and the second anniversary of the inauguration of the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. As reported on the website “news Donetsk Republic”, in the square of Russia at Lenin square gathered a rally of four thousand inhabitants, who “came to Express gratitude” Zakharchenko. “In Donetsk was attended by residents of the cities of Kirov, Debaltsevo, Donetsk region, Khartsyzsk, Donetsk region and others. The opening rally was accompanied by the song “Who are the Russian”. After that, wishing she performed on stage with congratulatory words. After the official part, the artists performed Patriotic songs”, – stated in the event report.

In a rally to mark national unity Day in Simferopol was attended by about ten thousand citizens, including parliamentarians and local officials. The celebrations are held in all Crimean settlements.

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the residents of Simferopol came here on their own. According to him, on the Peninsula for two and a half years, local authorities do not force people to attend such events, including the current procession under the prospectus of Kirov.

“People from institutions drove all came on their own. Can someone someone from the local leaders was strained, but believe me, so massive it was not” – quoted Aksenov , RIA “Novosti”.

National unity day is celebrated annually on November 4 since 2005. The celebratory date was established in memory of the events of 1612, when the militia led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky liberated Moscow from Polish invaders. Historically this holiday is connected with the end of the time of Troubles in Russia in the XVII century.

Throughout Russia, the interior Ministry counted about 650 thousand people publicly celebrated the Day of national unity 04.11.2016

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