In Hamburg, where he completed a nine-year construction of the Philharmonic hall on the Elbe (the Elbe Philharmonic hall), preparing for the official opening of this architectural and cultural masterpiece of the century, which is scheduled for January 2017.

Initially, the Philharmonic planned to build in three years, having spent 77 million euros, but the construction took three times more – nine-and-a-half years, and its cost has increased 11 – fold to 866 million euros. Of these, 789 million was received from the Federal budget, 57 million of donations from individuals, 20 million – deposits of business entities and owners of 45 apartments planned as part of the complex.

Sale of tickets for the first concert season began with summer. Schedule includes more than 300 concerts in the Great and Small halls of the Philharmonic. The scene will sound not only classical, but also jazz, pop music, folk-rock, ethno, punk…

As reported by DW, the cost of tickets in the first row in the Large hall of the Philharmonic comes to 10 thousand euros.

The opening of the cultural complex will be a three-week festival and the premiere concerts of the Chicago Symphony orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic orchestra and the Berlin musical group Einstürzende Neubauten.

In the poster of the first season, not only the German groups – Symphony orchestra of television and radio broadcasting in Northern Germany (NDR Orchester Elbenphilarmonie) and chamber orchestra, Ensemble Resonanz, but also 15 of the best orchestras in the world.

The project was implemented by the Swiss architectural Bureau Herzog & de Meuron by order of Alexander Gerard and Dieter Becken in 2003. And began the construction of the Elbe Philharmonic hall in April 2007.

The complex includes Big and Small concert halls, a modern hotel with 250 rooms, 45 private apartments and a Parking for 500 cars.

The big concert hall of the world level at 2150 seats is raised 50 meters above the Elbe. Small music room has a capacity of 550 seats. There is also a Hall-Studio with 170 seats.

Experts have already appreciated the unsurpassed acoustics of the Great hall, which is achieved thanks to one of the most extraordinary technical innovations Philharmonic – the decoration of rooms 10 thousands of gypsum Board.

Tickets to the Philharmonic of Hamburg, which had not yet opened, but has already become an architectural and cultural masterpiece, worth up to 10 thousand euros 25.11.2016

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