The US does not recognize results of the referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan, calling on Baghdad and Erbil to stop “threats to mutual action.” On Friday, 29 September, said the head of the state Department Rex Tillerson.

According to him, Washington continues to support the unity of Iraq, reports Reuters. “The United States does not recognize the unilateral referendum of the Kurdistan regional government, held on Monday. The vote and the results have no legitimacy, and we will continue to support a unified, Federal, democratic, and prosperous Iraq” – promised Tillerson.

“We call for calm and the cessation of verbal accusations and threats of mutual actions”, – said the Secretary of state.

Earlier media wrote that the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani said the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Ayad Allawi that he is ready to cooperate with the authorities to stem the rising crisis between Baghdad and Erbil.

Monday, September 25, before the announcement of the results of the referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan Barzani, Allawi called on to freeze the process of separation for a transitional period, during which there should be a responsible and constructive national dialogue. Allawi also called on the government of Iraq and the country’s political leaders to abandon the escalation of the conflict and the vengeance of the Kurds.

In Iraqi Kurdistan held a referendum, which were submitted only the question of independence. 91,83% voted for the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan, of 8.17% voted against.

It is assumed that an independent Kurdistan may enter inhabited the Kurdish province of Dahuk, Sulaymaniyah and Erbil, as well as territory liberated by the Kurdish units of the Islamists.

Iraqi Kurds, constituting the largest ethnic group in the country, remained without their own state, when the Ottoman Empire collapsed a century ago.

Only the States of the middle East region is home to about 30 million ethnic Kurds. Tehran and Ankara rightly fear the spread of separatism on its own territory.

Tillerson announced the non-recognition of States the results of the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan 30.09.2017

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