The American magazine Time on the website of the special project 100Photos called a hundred images that became the most significant for the course of history. Each of the pictures is accompanied by a detailed history of its creation.

The project took three years, and journalists indicate that many of the images from the short-list had to be abandoned simply because failed to show the scale of their influence: “In this project we tried to determine how pictures influenced the development of photography. Most of us are worried about the work that affected the course of history”. However, many photos in the collection have artistic value – for example, the work of Andreas Gursky 99 Cent – among the most expensive contemporary photographs that were sold.

Work on the project was conducted for about three years. The final list was compiled with the participation of famous photographers and historians. Each photograph is accompanied by a detailed story about its creation, for which Time reporters took many interviews to photographers and heroes collection.

“There is no special formula that makes the photo significant. Some image hit 100 Photographs only because it was the first of its kind, others because the have shaped our world view. Some of them with his head turned our life… Each of them is a turning point in our human experience,” say the compilers. (Quoted by

The oldest photo in the collection made in 1826, the most modern in 2015. Among the dozens of world-famous pictures: the portrait of Ernesto Che Guevara, the protester stopping tanks from Tiananmen square, nocut Muhammad Ali, fire at the airship Hindenburg, and a man falling from the window of the world trade center on 11 September 2001.

Time called the hundred most influential photos in history 18.11.2016

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