Contradictory information is coming about the situation on the ring road, where today, December 4, was held to protest against the system “Platon”. After the gathered to the South-East of Moscow truckers announced the decision to postpone the protest on 6 December, in the Northern part of the capital drivers 12-tinnikov, as reported by the correspondents of several publications, has decided to block the traffic on the ring road. Later they began to receive reports that the road was temporarily blocked traffic police, then to the traffic.

Around 15:00 Moscow time the correspondent of Russian service of BBC reported that the trucks had blocked almost the entire outer and most of inner side of the Moscow ring road in the area of the Leningrad highway. Trucks took four of the five lanes, leaving free only the extreme left. This format is called “snail” is the truck moving on the highway with a minimum speed.

At the same time it was reported that because of the action the police blocked the exits to the outside of the ring. In the STSI in Moscow said Slon.EN that the Moscow police on the ring road is the special activity, which “coincided” with the action of drivers of heavy vehicles. A police spokesman refused to explain in detail what is the purpose of the event and how long it will last.

Finally, journalists began to reportthat the action in fact was not just the traffic police temporarily blocked the ring road near the Leningrad highway.

The Service “Yandex.Tube” meanwhile, reports that congestion on the outer side of the ring road stretches from the Leningrad highway 10 km to Altufievskoe highway.

One of the coordinators of the St. Petersburg truckers Sergey Gulyaev told RBCthat a convoy of truckers started a protest on the Leningrad highway in the area of “Afimoll”. “Who could break through to the Moscow ring road, are coming along the ring road with a small group. They go on the two rightmost rows with a minimum speed”, – said the interlocutor of the edition.

According to Gulyaev, the campaign will last “a few hours before lights out, reports

Earlier Friday, South-East of the capital held a meeting of another group of truckers, coordinated by the interregional Union of
of professional drivers. The campaign was held on 22-th kilometer of Novorizhskoe
highway, reports “Interfax”.

The Union has prepared an open appeal to drivers
deputies of the state Duma concerning the abolition of the payment system “Platon”. “Truckers are turning to the deputies with a demand to take immediate action in stopping the operation of the system of charging trucks with a permissible maximum weight of 12 tons, “Plato”, – said the Union leader Alexander Kotov. According to him, this step will relieve “highly tensed social tensions”.

Cats previously announced postponement of the protest truckers, who wanted to block the Moscow ring road, from 4 to 6 December. According to the Union leader, the protesters hope the government will take the decision to cancel “Plato”.

To block the ring road near the Leningrad highway was truckers and the police 04.12.2015

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