Managing partner of “Management development group” Dmitry Potapenko, known for their harsh criticism of the attitude of the authorities to business, will soon join the Federal Council of the party “Right cause”. On February 29, the Congress “Right cause”, which will change the name of the party and its Charter. Party leader elected by the business Ombudsman Boris Titov, and in the Federal political Council will be included businessmen close to him.

Potapenko told the TV channel “Rain”, why he decided to join the “cause” and what is going to do the party work. “I don’t talk about it how about joining the party, for me it is the construction”, – said the businessman, stressing that his views, he will not change. “Titov understand what I mean. To change genetically I can’t,” said Potapenko.

“I aim to change the fundamental schematics of construction of interaction with entrepreneurs. First – the “rubble” in the business community and the creation of what we need economically active citizens”, – said the businessman.

In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” Dmitry Potapenko has not excluded, that by “the Right thing”, will run for the Duma in the upcoming September elections.

“In my opinion, it should be done. But I think right now is highly premature. As stated, the ideology that business we are heavily pressed, then, in my opinion, you need to do something to communicate in the regions with business what we do, how we do, how we survive. If this would require a mechanism, including an elective, if need be, why not?” said Potapenko.

The entrepreneur has announced that it will continue to deal with the economy. “From what appears the logo of the party, I will remain the same Dmitry Potapenko, who was. Posts and portfolios to share – definitely not to me. I’m not really a big fan of the carve-up of portfolios, we would have to work the entire country, the price would be us,” he said.

In an interview with the magazine “Secret firmy” Dmitry Potapenko expressed doubt that he will be able to change anything in the relations of government and business, but promised to still try to do it. “We (representatives of business. – approx. just waiting for us everywhere demolished. We do not make the agenda. I’m trying this counter – crooked, askew, but as you can,” he said.

According to the businessman, his task in the leadership of the Right cause he sees “coordination of requests economically active citizens in the regions, primarily entrepreneurs, articulating their abstracts in the program and at least some progress a little bit forward.”

To the question, does he fear that “entering into puppet party” loses himself, the businessman replied that he would remain “the same”. “In fact, the story of the “Right cause” is to buy the old logo. If we fill these fur new wine, depends on me as well,” said Potapenko.

We will remind, in December of last year a lot of fuss about the statement Potapenko at the Moscow economic forum. Then he said that the economic authorities of the Russian Federation struck four “knockout punch” in the business. The businessman condemned the “criminal embargo” and the order to destroy the sanctions of products, exorbitant lending rates and “Plato” – “the tax Rotenberg” (system “Platon”, built by the company of the son of Arkady Rotenberg, whom the media referred to the middle circle of Vladimir Putin).

Potapenko then compared the relationship of business and government relations with the cow and the butcher, saying that tax and customs authorities are worse than gangsters, “koshmariki” entrepreneurs in the 1990s.

Authorized under the President of Russia for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov recently stated that a “Right cause” party of entrepreneurs, which will go to elections in the state Duma. According to Titov, “the Right thing” will change its name, and its current membership includes supporters of the Ombudsman, members of the party Delovaya Rossiya, businessmen, experts and public figures.

“To change genetically I can’t”: the businessman Potapenko enters the Federal political Council of Right cause 26.02.2016

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