The monument to the writer Sergey Dovlatov, disassembled for rework after the Grand opening, returned to the place of installation in St. Petersburg. About it RIA “Novosti” said one of the initiators of the monument, the General Director of TV channel “Saint Petersburg”, adviser to the Governor Sergei Boyarsky.

Sculptural composition devoted to the writer, opened September 4 – to 75-summer anniversary of the writer’s birth. At the opening ceremony of the monument was attended by the widow and daughter of Dovlatov, who came from the United States. Then the monument was dismantled for improvement.

The composition is a bronze figure of Sergei Dovlatov height of 2.2 meters, standing in the doorway of the open door. The monument was erected on the sidewalk at the front of the house on Rubinsteina street, 23, where the writer lived. The sculpture was created by Vyacheslav Bukhaev, funds for the monument were allocated by the entrepreneur Dmitry Nikitin. In 2007, this house was a memorial plaque.

Sergei Dovlatov was born on 3 September 1941 in Ufa. In 1944, the family returned to St. Petersburg. In 1959 he joined the Department of Finnish language of the philological faculty of Leningrad state University and studied there for two and a half years. From the University he was expelled for academic failure.

Served three years in the interior troops in the protection of correctional facilities in the Komi Republic, after which he entered the faculty of journalism of Leningrad state University. Worked in the student newspaper of the Leningrad shipbuilding Institute “For shots to shipyards”, he wrote short stories.

In 1978 Dovlatov emigrated to the United States. In 1980 in new York, Dovlatov has become one of the founders of the Russian weekly newspaper “New American”. For 12 years of his life in exile, he published 12 books which have been translated into most European languages and Japanese and Chinese.

The most famous works of the writer became “Suitcase”, “Zone: notes of a Warder”, “Solo on the underwood”, “Reserve”.

Dovlatov died on August 24, 1990 in new York city of heart failure.

To dismantle the monument to Dovlatov in St. Petersburg, once finalized, returned to the place 10.10.2016

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