In the German magazine Focus reported that the editorial Board did not intend to offend Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the pun used in the article, which caused indignation of the Russian Embassy in Germany, had, in addition to the main, another, almost complementary, the meaning is lost in translation on Russian language. This follows from the explanation that the representative of the press service of the journal Alice Wagner gave RBC.

“Basically, it was an ironic play on words with the word “dog,” explained Wagner, and added that the word “dog” (der Hund) in German language is synonymous with the expression “die hard” (harter Hund). “Unfortunately, the irony of this phrase cannot be adequately translated into Russian language”, – said the press Secretary of the journal.

The article, by perturbing the Russian diplomats, was published in the 37th issue of the magazine Focus in 2017. On the cover of the publication was announced in an article entitled “50 reasons against Merkel.”

“Of course she is afraid of dogs, Putin, but she’s definitely not afraid of dogs, Putin (Sie hat zwar Angst vor Putins Hund, aber keine Angst vom Hund Putin)”, – was stated in the article on Merkel. The Russian Embassy in Germany has demanded an apology from the leadership of the magazine through social networks.

We are talking about the meeting of Merkel and Putin in 2007, when Putin’s Labrador Koni came into the room where the negotiations were held, and the Chancellor was afraid of the dog. For 10 years before Merkel during Cycling was attacked by a neighbor’s dog fighting breed, and since then she became afraid of dogs.

Putin said that he wanted to show her my dog, and explained to the media that if he did not know about this phobia. Political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky in interview to the Ukrainian edition “Gordon” suggested that Putin really could do it unintentionally, and the presence of Labrador Koni to a meeting is explained by the incompetence of preparing its personnel administration.

The tabloid Bild reportedthat in fact, Putin knew about fear Merkel in front of the dogs a year before the meeting: Putin’s advisers were informed of this before the official joining Merkel for the position of Federal Chancellor in January 2006.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, in turn, has said that the Kremlin does not follow the journal’s publications Focus, but I think that published it, any insult, including against Putin, is unacceptable.

“Any insult, of course, unacceptable, and rather it casts a shadow on the reputation of the publication”, – he said (quoted by TASS). The press Secretary added that the Kremlin does not show great attention to Focus because of his “extreme subjectivity”.

“The fact that this publication is known for its extreme subjectivity, in many respects – with regard to our country based on extreme Russophobia, so we don’t show much interest in the information activities of this edition, because they do not consider him a noteworthy source,” concluded Sands.

To Focus explained obscure Russian the meaning of the expression “dog-Putin.” In the Kremlin a magazine called “Russophobic” 13.09.2017

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