The state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation approved the second reading of the amendments, according to which Russian citizens can obtain the right to open joint Bank accounts with an unlimited number of owners. Corresponding changes are proposed in the article 845 of the Civil code.

Amendment, the text of which was at the RBC, it follows that the owners of the joint account can be only physical persons. The rights on the deposited funds will belong to the holders in proportion to the amount contributed of their money.

Several people can use one Bank account now, however, under the current scheme, the rights issue the money is not regulated. Separation of the funds for shares will have a value when the action is arrested is not the whole bill, and the share of a specific account holder.

According to the authors of the bill, the amendments will be popular among a large number of Russian families. These amendments can be accepted in December, and on 1 September 2017 is expected to entry into force.

Experts, however, believe the initiative is ill-conceived. In particular, the shared mode cannot be applied in practice, as when a joint account will receive a transfer from a third party, the Bank will determine how to distribute the shares, and therefore such accounts will not need.

Bankers believe that the existing opportunity to open one account and additional cards to it enough for the Russians. “The sharing of rights to money one account can be useful is that families in which the relationship is not perfectly smooth,” – said in an interview with the portal, the Vice-President of the Association “Russia” Oleg Ivanov.

In addition, it is unclear how formalized the participation of each subsequent account holder, because it affects property rights. You can use the scheme under which each participant must issue a power of attorney for the account holder, however, this process is likely to be extremely problematic.

The head of the Association of Russian banks Garegin Tosunyan, in turn, noted that nothing wrong with the amendments, however, any collective financial management is fraught with conflict.

To Russians can allow family Bank account 19.11.2016

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