In the controlled Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) the Bank “Peresvet”,
from 21 October to temporarily suspend
the service was the main account of the Moscow Patriarchate and
kept about a third of all funds of the Church administration. About it
told “Interfax”
a source among the shareholders of the Bank.

The source found it difficult to answer the question of whether these are derived
funds and what is their fate. Source RIA “Novosti” at the Patriarchate
claims that the situation with the Bank has not reflected seriously on the finances
ROC: “times are tough, and the world of banking is reeling… the Situation
difficult in General difficult, and the time that we are experiencing,
difficult. But I hope that this will not affect”.

He added that the ROC does not depend on one Bank: “we Have no one
“position” – parishes have accounts in different banks. We have no
there is no “requirement” – everyone chooses from the point of view of reliability,

The same said the source “Interfax” in the Moscow Patriarchate: “In
Russia has long been the trend of the elimination of small banks, the number
which is shrinking almost every week. The Church is too big
organization to seriously depend on one Bank.”

The Russian Orthodox Church and the chamber of Commerce saved “Peresvet” from all difficulties

“Peresvet” was built on the basis of “Expobank” in the early 1990-ies
due to contacts between the leaders of the Synodal Department for external Church
relations with the “Expocentre”, – said the source “Interfax” in the environment

“Assets of this major exhibition of post-Soviet and
the trade center was United with the Church funds. Then
the idea of a “Church Bank” was because of our naivety, in
Europe and America the Catholic banks have suffered disaster after disaster – was the scandals, investigations, suicide,” he said.

Subsequently, the management of the Bank is often changed because of the difficulty
to establish relations with the main shareholder – the Russian Orthodox Church. Shareholders – The Church
and the chamber of Commerce, who had contacts with
state leadership and foreign Nations, according to
source, until a certain time has saved the Bank “from all difficulties.”

“The main problem today was the secrecy, the inability of his
guidance to clearly explain what, how and why it does – and,
consequently, the vulnerability to a negative PR campaign and
inability to present an open, positive information,” he added
the Agency interlocutor.

C 21 Oct the Bank of Russia has appointed a “Peresvet” temporary administration
for a period of six months due to failing to meet requirements
creditors on monetary obligations “in the terms exceeding seven days
since the date of their satisfaction”. For the period activities
the provisional administration powers of Executive bodies of the Bank
“Peresvet” is suspended. In addition, the CBR has imposed a moratorium on
satisfaction of requirements of creditors of the Bank.

Monday Bank limited
issuing money to customers by the amount of 100 thousand rubles, or 1.5 thousand
dollars, which the international rating Agency Standard &
Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P) downgraded the credit ratings of the Bank:
long term – to the level of “CCC-” (low creditworthiness) with “B+”, short-term – to the level of “C” (unsatisfactory level of creditworthiness)
. A rating of “Peresvet” on the national scale was downgraded to “ruCCC-”
from ‘ ruA+’. All indicators placed in the list on revision with possibility

According to TASS, the Bank’s Central office in Moscow
Krasnopresnenskaya embankment and another office on the street of St. Sergius
Of Radonezh was closed on Friday. On the door hang ads on
the introduction of a moratorium in the Bank in connection with bankruptcy law. The moratorium
apply to monetary obligations and responsibilities that
arose prior to the appointment of the interim administration, said in

Closed the only office of the Bank “Peresvet” in St. Petersburg. Intercom
on the question of whether the office is open on Monday, replied “no”.

Head ARB has proposed to restore the activity of the Bank: “Pretty
decent Bank” with a local misunderstanding

The head of the Association of Russian banks (ARB) Garegin Tosunyan said TASS,
the Bank “Peresvet” are faced with local challenges and suggested
pass it to reorganize. “Bank “Peresvet” is a pretty decent Bank, and
these misunderstandings, which happened to him, can be local
character. I think it would be much better if found
a way to restore its activity. Bank “Peresvet” is ARB with
2010. We got a pretty positive representation was” –
said Tosunyan.

He added that the management of the Bank “Peresvet” while none of
support to ARB is not addressed. “When this all started (problem Bank), they didn’t, though
usually this happens when some constraints are formed,” said
the head of the ARB.

The ROC controls 49.7 per cent of “overexposure”, is 24.4% owned by JSC “Expocentre”
(50.8 per cent it owns the Trade-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation), Chairman of the Board
minority shareholder Alexander Shvets – for 12.8% of the Bank Pavel Panasenko
OOO “Vnukovo-invest” is 1.7%. The Bank occupies the 41st place in
the Russian banking system by assets.

To suspend the work of the Bank “Peresvet” has kept a third of the funds of the Moscow Patriarchate 22.10.2016

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