Representatives of the investigative Committee came to search the apartment of the chief editor of the information Agency “Between the lines” (Nizhny Tagil). The grounds were a few songs of the band “right hook”, which Natalia Vakhonin posted on his page on the social network five years ago.

“Allegedly, in 2011, she posted in “Vkontakte” songs “degrading Russian citizen in the decision to search is written) and non-Russian. Criminal case on 282 (“inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity”. – Approx. Well done law enforcement. 5 years after the post in the “kontaktike” they come to search and seize computers and phones,” – said on his page on Facebook Director of the news Agency, Yegor Bychkov.

According to him, the way the government is trying to exert pressure on the publication: “I Regard what is happening as the pressure on our media and all journalistic staff. Not surprisingly, this is done in anticipation of the upcoming elections. “Between the lines” is the most quoted urban media in the region, working not in Yekaterinburg.”

“I note that we are talking about several songs of the band “right hook”, which is not included in the list of extremist materials and freely spread and spread a huge number of people. Also, remember that the wording of article 282 at the time of the alleged crime belonged to the less serious crimes, the Statute of limitations which expired after two years. That is, the Statute of limitations has passed. Sucked from the finger with the aim to intimidate and hinder the work. Okay, we humans are accustomed – hell out,” – said Bychkov.

The representative of Investigatory management SKR on Sverdlovsk area Alexander Shulga, a journalist said that in the interests of the investigation so far, no comments on this case will not.

Vakhonin was summoned for questioning, she finds the events of revenge of the mayor

After the search, the chief editor of the Agency “Between the lines” Natalia Vakhonin was summoned for questioning as a suspect, according The journalist believes that criminal prosecution is connected with its professional activities and may be a reaction to the publication of material about the business of the mayor of Nizhny Tagil Sergey Nosov.

Vakhonin said that the representatives of the Russian investigative Committee and FSB seized her laptop, the system unit from an old computer, a tablet, and eight flash drives. Also investigators interested in the sports uniform of her husband, including Boxing gloves. “Along the way, whether in jest, whether seriously said to me that can come to our office and there to seize all of the computers,” she added.

In the decision of Lenin regional court of Nizhni Tagil from 2 Aug to a search warrant in the apartment of VAGONNOE said that a criminal case under part 1 of article 282 of the criminal code was initiated on 14 July, it was preceded by the verification, which lasted more than a year.

In may 2015, the senior officer of the center for counteraction to extremism GU MVD in the Sverdlovsk region Konstantin Kolosov found Vkontakte audio and video of the musical group “the right hook” which is considered the official voice of the nationalist organization “Russian image”. We are talking about the songs “Russian image”, “Image of Russia”, “Fight club” and a video “get Ready!” The songs were placed in the social network December 7, 2011, and the video – December 24, 2012 on behalf of the account, which was called “Russian image of Nizhny Tagil”. The judgment States that the page led Vakhonin, which was made “with a view to inciting hatred and enmity and humiliation of human dignity or a group of persons”.

Chief editor of “Between the lines” says that he does not understand what it is about because it has nothing to do with the nationalist community and do not post songs of the controversial group. “I have no idea about any recordings of “Vkontakte” in question. But we’re all in the wording absolutely sure that the attention of investigators associated with our professional activities. The problems started after we published the text of the business Empire of the mayor of Nizhny Tagil Sergey Nosov,” she says. Material about the relationship of the mayor with several businessmen were published at the end of June 2016.

After publication of news came two people from center “e” and offered VAGONNOE “something voluntarily to confess.” Then, says the journalist, the dialogue failed because she did not understand what was going on. She was later summoned for questioning as a witness and asked about page on the social network, which housed a group of “right hook”. Then she refused to testify, citing the 51st article of the Constitution.

After a search in the apartment of VAGONNOE staff of the news Agency “Between the lines” made an open appeal demanding to stop the persecution of the chief editor on trumped-up reason. “The staff of the news Agency “Between the lines” says it will not cease his journalistic activities, despite the threats and intimidation”, – the document says.

To the editor of the Ural media came to search for songs in “Vkontakte” 18.08.2016

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