Artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre and his own theatre Oleg Tabakov commented on the resonance performance of the art Director “the Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin at the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia. Tobacco, in particular, urged all parties to “work without aggression” which was “a bad sign for our society.”

“My old friend Kostya Raikin performed at the Congress theater and told about our problems. No offense to good of an actor, he says that pent up” – quoted by TASS Tabakov.

According to people’s artist of the USSR, in Russia there was indeed “characters that are trying to dictate to artists what they should do.” “These comrades, I would call them spies, jumped, for example, on the stage of the Art theatre to stop the show, which offends their feelings,” said Tabakov.

He said that these people themselves were led to believe that if there is no censorship, they should control the art. “Do not think that thus you will help to create the right art. You have no opportunity to stage or to play it, accept it as an axiom,” – said the artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre.

On Monday, Konstantin Raikin in a rigid form expressed about censorship and the struggle of the state for morality and urged his colleagues in the creative shop to protect the exhibitions and performances from the “groups offended”.

Separately, the artistic Director of “Satirikon” raised the issue of repeated “attacks on the arts,” noting that he personally believes the ban censorship “greatest event” in the life of the country. In addition, Raikin expressed concern that the authorities distanciruemsa from those people who advocate the closure of exhibitions and cancellation of performances.

He also expressed the view that the Church has forgotten about the days when her “hunted, exterminated the priests, tore down the crosses and made a vegetable store in our churches,” and begins to act now, “the same methods”. “Right then was Leo Tolstoy, who said that it is not necessary to connect with the Church authorities, otherwise it starts not to serve God, and the power to serve. We largely observed”, concluded Raikin.

Speech Raikin has caused a wide resonance and was criticized, particularly by the President of the motorcycle club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov, who accused the artistic Director of theatre “Satyricon” in an attempt to turn Russia into “the gutter”.

Later Zaldostanov supported the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. The head of Chechnya noted that, in his opinion, in Russia there is “a kind of caste”, who feels entitled “to insult the religious feelings of tens of millions of Orthodox Christians and Muslims, saying that art everything is permitted”.

Tobacco responded to statements Raikin about censorship in art 29.10.2016

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