Pope Francis gave on Monday an interview with the Portuguese Catholic radio Renascenca, during which he announced that, together with a huge flow of refugees from Syria to Europe could infiltrate militants of the “Islamic state”. They, according to him, killing Christians and other minorities in the middle East. It is possible that they will attack and Europe. At the same time, the Pope also noted that the current immigration crisis can help to awaken the conscience of the continent, according to Reuters.

Admittedly, told the Pontiff that in Europe today adopted not as stringent security measures, as it were, the truth is that only 400 kilometers from Sicily operates incredibly brutal terrorist group. So, there is a risk of their penetration, he said.

Responding to a question about whether the Italian capital also become the object of attack, the Pope replied: “Nobody said that Rome would be immune to such threats. But you can take precautions…”

Militants “Islamic state” has already warned of possible attacks on the Catholic Church in Rome. This information is widely disseminated, and were taken increased security measures in the Vatican, as well as attractive to pilgrims and tourists places in Italy.

According to Reuters, 6 September, the Pope appealed to all Catholic districts, parishes and churches in Europe with an appeal to accept refugees. However, he stressed that the Vatican will first set an example by adopting two families.

“These poor people are fleeing from war and famine, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, because this is the reason. And the reason this is bad and unjust socio-economic system…,” said the Pontiff in an interview.

In response to the question of whether the refugee crisis become a positive impetus for Europe, awakening the conscience of the continent, the Pope said that it may happen.

Together with refugees to Europe and can penetrate the is militants, says Pontiff 15.09.2015

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