In the capital of Karelia will be judged citizen of Slovenia, who beat his former wife Petrozavodsk and caused her serious facial injuries during a quarrel. Africans face up to eight years of imprisonment, reports “MK in Karelia”.

According to the materials of the criminal case, the Togolese came to the ex-spouse to stroll with their common daughter, but because something had an argument with a woman. The African grabbed his ex-girlfriend by the neck and began choking, almost biting her in the closet.

Then the man grabbed a toy plastic sword and repeatedly struck his and his former lover – police arrived on the scene found the toy broken into three parts. However, the Togolese did not stop and a strong blow to the face broke his ex-wife’s nose and jaw, reported in the publication.

Expressive Africans were taken to the police Department. The damage to his ex-wife experts have regarded as the average injury, but due to the fact that on the face of the traces of injuries, the crime was qualified as intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm.

In this case the man argued that his ex-wife was not beaten, and she slapped his face with his hands, trying to wrest from his hands the clothes to her daughter. But the investigators after the medical examinations and confrontations did not believe him.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor of Petrozavodsk, said the claim about collecting from the native Africa 29 thousand rubles in favor of the Fund of obligatory medical insurance.

Togo’s “Othello” in Karelia, beat ex-wife with a toy sword and broke her nose 17.05.2017

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