In the Tomsk region the oil came to the aid of the hunter with a disability, who went into the forest on a snowmobile and fell on it in the swamp, the TV channel STV with reference to the press service of the company “Tomskneft”.

With a request for assistance to the oil industry turned a resident of the village of Novy Vasyugan, which reported that her husband was a pensioner, the invalid of the 2nd group, was in trouble. The situation was complicated by the fact that the man could not move on their own – instead of one of his legs prosthesis.

After treatment women were organized rescue operation. With Dvurechensky oil field on two tracked vehicles GAZ-3409 went into the forest, found the night to a freezing man and brought him to the camp.

Medical assistance the hunter is not required, although it stayed in the 30 degree cold for about six hours – it warmed with hot tea, the report says.

Usually to help people in similar situations come to the rescue. So, in September in Mirny district of Yakutia was saved by 38-year-old resident of the village of Diamond, who went hunting on a Quad bike, intending to return on the same day, but in the end spent in the forest 15 days after his vehicle broke down and he lost. He was found in a depleted condition and with the latest rifle cartridge – the rest he spent trying unsuccessfully to make a fire in the absence of matches.

Similar story happened last fall with another Yakut hunter who is on a snowmobile left the city Srednekolymsk and disappeared. Rescuers found him after a week. As it turned out, the man managed to survive in the deserted taiga at a 20-degree frost thanks to its own ingenuity and good old hunting tradition after his vehicle broke down.

The most resonant in recent years has been the story of three Karina Cikatovo Olomu from the village, Olekminsky region of Yakutia, lost in the taiga in July 2014 and found severely emaciated, but alive only on the 12th day of her wandering in the forest.

Tomsk oil workers pulled out of the swamp one-legged hunter 16.11.2016

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