Visited the activist Ildar Dading colony in the Karelian human rights activist Igor Kalyapin said about the content of the report, which was prepared after the visit. The head of the Council on human rights Mikhail Fedotov promised to report personally to President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in December. Kalyapin said that human rights defenders are sure that the colony has tortured prisoners, but the evidence of the Federal penitentiary service to collect does not – there is no access to the documents, nor the ability to record the testimony of the convicts.

The colony IK-7 in the Karelian Segezha was visited by two members of the HRC – Kalyapin and head of the International human rights group AGORA, Pavel Chikov. The visit was a result of the public outcry that rose after the letter was published Ildar Dading on torture. Dading is the only convicted under the new article of the criminal code of the repeated violation of the rules of holding mass actions.

Kalyapin in an interview with the BFM stated that the report is ready: “We have prepared as soon as he returned from Segezha. He handed Mikhail Fedotov. The report concluded that the events reported by Dading in its sensational appeal, apparently, took place”.

He stressed that the prison officials prevented the collection of evidence: “unfortunately, we are unable to provide what is called evidence. Because we were deprived of such opportunities. We banned the use of voice recorders. Made it impossible not what to copy, and even read the documents from the personal file. We are all not given. We were not given the opportunity to look… This is an opportunity that is available to any members of the PMC, I’m not talking about a presidential Council. Judging by the fact that we were not allowed to watch, we are including, because of this I came to the conclusion that, indeed, the events took place, and the FPS Karelia this information hiding”.

Before the European court for human rights appealed to Russian government with the statement that the complaint investigation Ildar Dading torture is ineffective, and the court’s decision to impose interim measures to the Complainant in full are not executed.

The report will show Putin

The Council on human rights plans to submit to the President of the Russian Federation report on the visit of the Karelian colony, which contains activist Ildar Dading, said the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov.

“We briefed the leadership of the Federal penitentiary service and now want to make the country’s leadership, then we will post it” – quoted Fedotov “Interfax”. Fedotov hopes that the meeting with Putin will take place in December.

He also said that the members of the HRC are going to soon
re-visit the colony, which contains Dading.

Civic activist I. Dading became the first and only in
Russia convicted under article 212.1 of the criminal code (repeated violation of
the established order of organizing or holding meetings, rallies,
demonstrations, marches or picketing) after her appearance in the new
the wording of the criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. After the appeal period was 2.5 years.

Torture is, there is no evidence: human rights activists told about the contents of the report to Putin 20.11.2016

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