In India, the accident suffered a passenger Express train: derailed 14 cars of a train, killing more than 90 people, about 150 were hospitalized. Many of the passengers locked inside mangled carriages, and representatives of the emergency services expect the number of victims will increase, reports New Indian Express. Presumably, the cause of the tragedy became deformed rail.

The incident occurred early morning near the Indian city of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Derailed 14 carriages of the train traveling on the route Indore – Patna. Most of the passengers catastrophe caught in a dream. The train derailed near the station Pukhrayan 100 km from the city of Kanpur. The first four carriages of the train were crushed particularly hard. According to the 9:00 Moscow time recovered 95 bodies.

Currently at the crash site and rescue operations are conducted, which involved several hundred people, including soldiers and policemen. Of the wounded taken to nearby hospitals, on duty in place more than 30 ambulances.

#SpotVisuals Rescue and relief ops underway after Patna-Indore express train derailed near Kanpur. 91 dead, over 150 injured.

Train crash in India: more than 90 people died 20.11.2016

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