Trainer of marine mammals novel Fadeev told about the reasons of death of animals at the seaside aquarium on the island of Russian in Vladivostok, where he has been working for a year and a half. Officer accused in the deaths of animals, the administration of the institution, which did not provide pupils an acceptable standard of life.

Fadeev, writes on his page in Facebook that society usually blames coaches too often the death of animals at the seaside aquarium. “Many, many animals had to bury for the half year that I have been working in this institution. With a light hand (language) of one of our comrade desktop “among themselves” began to be called “Margarian,” – said the author of the post.

Thus, according to the coach, the employees of the aquarium are hesitant to tell about the true reasons of death of animals because they fear a pay cut or dismissal. “And if you start to tell the truth, no matter where – in social networks or in the face of the auditee (and there we go-there are a lot of, for the incident not long to wait), then you for the beginning can directly say that you’re wrong. And then the accounting Department at the direction of the “top” just reduce all your premiums, and you get naked the salary on which to live not that hard, and impossible,” – said Fadeev.

The trainer informed who is responsible for the death of animals, noting that this statement “put an end” to his career coach mortikov. According to Fadeeva, the entire work of the seaside aquarium is aimed primarily not for the benefit of animals and not service so-called “third floor”. “It is the administrative floor in the scientific and adaptive body of the aquarium, where the office of the entire administration of the institution. They are the main ones, everything that happens in school, happens for their sake and in their name,” said Fadeev.

According to him, it is the administration of the Oceanarium took the main building with almost no working life support system. “They buy fish, half of which have to throw away because it is not suitable to feed animals. And many, many,” – said Fadeev. The coach asked the management of the aquarium is a rhetorical question: “You for something besides money, care?????”

Also desperate employee of the aquarium appeals to readers: “Know what happens to a coach receiving a fish for his animals, whose head stinks of rot??? Do you know how many scandals have been because of this??? I know that feels the coach, in which the water in the swimming pool of the main building gets the green color due to the fact that the life support system can’t cope with cleaning the waste products of the animals??? Don’t know, because you were not with these coaches!!! And have you heard ever pelupessy poluri performed by a coach in an empty cage after killing the beast? Never heard of it, no one will not tell.”

According to Fadeeva, the last straw was the death recently of two dolphins. The trainer notes that the investigation in the aquarium does not lead to any results. “Most interesting is that the relevant authorities know everything, but do nothing. Can’t seem to find a replacement Director”, – said the employee of the aquarium.

For the last week in the seaside aquarium had three dead animals. 21 Oct from obtained in unclear circumstances, injuries killed the Steller sea lion stark, who in August found emaciated off the coast of Sakhalin. On this fact criminal case under the article on cruel treatment of animals (paragraph 1 of article 245 of the criminal code).

25 October it became known about the death of two dolphins beloboka. Investigators are checking into the incident, which was not discovered traces of violent death mammals. With this guide aquarium is officially statedthat the death of dolphins is not related to water quality and the feed, or skills. In a press there were rumors that a serious condition is the last, third, survivor is a Dolphin, but the Agency Director Vadim Serkov has denied this information.

Trainer of marine mammals called those responsible for the deaths of animals at the seaside aquarium 27.10.2016

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