The General Director of the State Museum-reserve “Peterhof” in the Leningrad region Elena Kalnitskaya said that the transfer of the Palace and Park ensemble “Ropsha” the rental company “Rosneft” will be “real happiness” for the Royal Palace of the XVIII century, located in a deplorable state. According to Kalnitsky, this is the only way to save this monument of history, reports “Echo of Moscow”.

“I think it would be a very smart move, especially in today’s complex financial environment, – quotes its “Interfax”. Country palaces require unaffordable for the Museum financial costs, and now Ropsha contains GMZ “Peterhof” on its own. She canned, she is guarded, but we can’t afford. Ministry of culture, we made it clear that money for restoration and creation in Ropsha Museum no.”

“If this transfer happens, it will be great happiness for the Palace and the state Museum “Peterhof” will, for its part, to help the scientific, art, historical consultation, and so forth,” said Kalnitskaya.

Earlier in the day, “Vedomosti” reported that the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin in the joint letter with Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has asked President Vladimir Putin to transfer the Ropsha estate to rent oil company. As follows from this letter, Sechin and Medina agreed that the Palace and Park ensemble, it is possible to recover, and with further adjustment to the “modern usage” at the expense of Rosneft.

The company Sechin has promised that after restoration of the Palace ropshinskoe it will be available for tourists, but it will be used “Rosneft” for their own needs, the paper wrote, citing sources. According to the publication, in the case of a positive decision of “Rosneft” will give a plot of land and located on it buildings. The area is almost 390 thousand square meters, and its cadastral value – a little less than 82 thousand rubles.

Photos published Vittoriya Shapovalova (@vita_ver) Saint 2016 8 24:02 PDT

Transfer Romanov Palace company Sechin will be a great happiness, said the Director of the Peterhof 25.10.2016

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