The Russian branch of the international non-governmental organization for the fight against corruption Transparency International published a report on the results of the investigation of the mayor of Moscow Marat Khusnullin, when he was appointed Minister of construction, architecture and housing of Tatarstan. As found by the human rights officer worked with firms that belonged to his mother, which is a conflict of interest and contrary to the Federal law “On combating corruption”.

The investigation focuses on the company “Avertex” that existed from 2006 to 2011 and throughout its existence has bought controlling stakes in the largest construction and utility organizations of Tatarstan. The owners of OOO “Avertex” were the two companies: the London Averdo Property Management Limited and offshore from the British virgin Islands Averdix Business Corp, and the first is essentially a “daughter” of the second. Thus, the Russian company actually belonged to the offshore part of the revenue which passed through the British jurisdiction.

Director Averdo from 2005 until August 2010 was a rose Khusnullin, who has British citizenship, was born in 1944 and registered in Kazan on the street of Mars, the house 1A. This house until 2011 belonged to Marat Husnullina. In addition, rose Khusnullin when you register your car pointed to the address on Marshall street in Kazan, where the apartment is located Marat Khusnullin and his wife, daughter and son. Based on these data, the staff of Transparency International came to the conclusion that rose is the mother Khusnullin Deputy mayor of Moscow.

“Avertex” over the years, his work acquired a large state-owned enterprises in Tatarstan, when they were in the branch jurisdiction of Marat Husnullin. Subsequently, the company participated in the development of large state contracts, customers which were subordinated Husnullina structure.

According to human rights activists, Khusnullin participation in the decision-making process in respect of companies, which controlled his mother, caused or could cause a personal interest of the official, and therefore such participation is contrary to Federal law No. 273-FZ of 25 December 2008 “On combating corruption”.

In Transparency International also drew attention to the fact that the company, run by rose Khusnullin, was subsequently placed under the control of Moray Andrew Stewart, who allegedly participated in a money laundering scheme, which was opened Sergei Magnitsky.

Earlier, Transparency International officials suspected in corruption collusion due to the construction of a residential complex in the Moscow area, adjacent to the Park Dubki. This site in September 2010 was provided by the municipality company “ZHK “Ivanovo”. In the composition of its founders weredirectly related to Marat Khusnullin.

Transparency International found out about the contracts that the mayor Khusnullin issued to the firms of his mother 20.11.2016

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