Non-governmental international organization for the fight against corruption Transparency International has published an investigationon the activities of the “Officers of Russia”, which attracted the attention of the media once demanded close in Moscow, the exhibition of the photographer Jock Sturges “Without embarrassment”. Activists found out that Russian public organization gets a multimillion-dollar presidential grants, grants from Federal ministries and wins major contracts.

In Transparency International noted that the organization “Officers of Russia” includes 27 legal entities. In 2016 one of the members of the organizations “the center for the prevention of offenses and crimes” (TSPPP) without competition has signed a contract with a subsidiary of Russian Railways for 118 million rubles. In accordance with the contract, its employees patrol commuter trains.

Contract responsibilities included TSPPP the combat delinquency, crime and antisocial phenomena for rail transport. Full list of the contractor’s obligations listed in the draft Treaty. While competition to provide services was not the purchase passed from a single supplier.

“Flowers (the head of the organization “Officers of Russia” – Approx. is the founder of several commercial organizations, in particular, LLC “FPG Officers”, consulting group “the Business Union”. In addition, he is an entrepreneur who rents out the property – one of the agreements that we have, confirms this information,” – told RBC Deputy Director of Transparency International Ilya Shumanov.

According to him, Transparency International sent a request to the Prosecutor, and before the publication was sent a request to the Tsvetkov. According to human rights defenders, 2012 organization “Officers of Russia” was also issued in the form of grants of not less than 30 million rubles.

“We assume that “Officers of Russia” and its affiliated organizations will continue to receive government contracts. We will closely monitor public procurement of these organizations and their possible interaction with the “Officers of Russia”, – assured the staff of Transparency International.

The NGO Fund “Officers of Russia” in 2013-14 received 5.5 million rubles from the National endowment for the project “His not throw”, and in 2012 is 3 million rubles from printoperation “Resistance” in the same project. In 2016, “Officers of Russia” has received 12 million roubles from the Ministry of labour and social protection.

The head of “Officers of Russia” Anton Tsvetkov has denied allegations that his organization was engaged in commercial activities. “Personally, I’m a commercial activity is not engaged, the “Officers of Russia” no commercial Treaty, and there was not” – he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Flowers also noted that “Officers of Russia” no commercial contracts and subsidiaries and the whole activity of the organization is carried out strictly within the current legislation. “How this organization can make a report on the issue, which they have not studied?” concluded Flowers.

Transparency International has accused the “Officers of Russia” in commercial activities 08.10.2016

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