The development of the bill on the renovation of engaged former Deputy mayor-head of the capital building, and nowadays the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” and the head of the Committee for construction Vladimir resin, the representative of the “old clan” Metropolitan builders, which this project will bring about 3.5 trillion rubles, writes on Wednesday, may 17, the website of the center of anticorruption researches and initiatives transparency international (“TI-R”).

Russian public organization affiliated to the international movement of Transparency International, says that 81-year-old resin is “the key developer of the draft law on renovation”. According to the center of the “TI-R”, “he’s the only one among the authors is a professional in the field of urban development.”

Navalny rally on June 12 may combine with another March against renovation

In addition, the MP has a huge lobbying power, “He his and in power, and in the construction business, he has huge credibility, not to mention the powers of the Deputy of the state Duma”, – is spoken in the investigation.

As indicated in the material centre “TI-R”, the resin was actively involved in the PR campaign to promote the bill. On his official website you can read about the fascinating prospects of renovation, but on the day of approval by the mayor of Moscow rally against the demolition of five-story building site is no longer open.

Resin is affiliated with four of the five companies of consortium of “Renovation”

The main argument in favor of the assumption about the direct involvement of resin in this project was that the Deputy-United Russia close four of the five companies participating in the informal consortium of “Renovation”, which on 11 may he told the publication Republic the owner and CEO of construction company S. Holding Alexey Shepel. The founder Holding S. Shepel from 2003 to 2009 he worked in the structures of Moscow city hall, construction-related, and then was an Advisor of Vladimir resin.

In addition to the Corporation S. Holding, in a consortium applying for the program the renovation, included OAO “Mosproject”, the company “Glavmosstroy”, “Mosekspert” and real estate Agency “Kalinka-Rielti”.
The company “Glavmosstroy” also relates to the resin. In 1998 he was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company immediately after its privatization. In 2005, when GC “Basic element” Oleg Deripaska bought Glavmosstroy, resin retained this post.

In October 2012, “Glavmosstroy” has lost a court the coordinator of the Public coalition in protection of Moscow’s Roman Tkach, who claimed that resin, being both Vice-mayor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Glavmosstroy”, decided to give half of the orders for construction of municipal housing in the capital. Resin retired from the Board of Directors of “Glavmosstroy” in 2011 then, when finally left Moscow’s city hall after the arrival of Sergei Sobyanin, has entered in “United Russia” and moved to the state Duma.

OOO “Mobexpert” headed by Anatoly Voronin. After retirement from the post of Moscow mayor in 2010, Yuri Luzhkov, Voronin was dismissed from the post of head of the “Moskomekspertizu”, and in January 2011 resin appointed him as his Advisor. In 2011 Voronin has established OOO “Mosekspert”, engaged in the same review of project documentation, but on a commercial basis, and became its first Director General. Now on the website of the company, the company’s CEO is Sergei Artemov, before the former Deputy Voronin. Voronin is the only founder of “Mobexpert”, included in the expert Council for town planning activity under the state Duma Committee on construction. The Board is chaired by Vladimir resin.

“Mosproject” was led by the architect of the Olympic village – 80 Svyatoslav Mindrul, which has actively worked in Moscow from 1990 to 2011, when the capital’s construction complex head Vladimir resin. Interview Shepel Republic became aware of the conflict and the dual power in the company.

The struggle for control of the “Mosproekt” erupted between the “old” building clan under the leadership of the resin and the “new” controlled current head of the capital construction sector, Deputy mayor Marat Khusnullin, indicates the anti-corruption organization.

Luxury real estate Agency OOO “Kalinka-realty”existing since 1999, was accompanied by many significant development projects in a period when resin was the head of the Moscow construction industry, including the construction of elite housing complexes “red October” and “Gold mile” on Ostozhenka. The founder of “Kalinka-Rielti” Ekaterina Rumjantseva over the years have been crossed many times with the resin and not only in formal but also in informal setting, including on the party of builders and developers in jury of industry awards.

According to Deputy General Director of “transparency international – Russia” Ilya Shumanov, the main problem in the story of the renovation – the fact that the legislation of the Russian Federation is no legal definition of lobbying and regulation related issues. Says Schumann resonance all bills camouflage under some mythical social good. Such projects are impossible, you need to regulate lobbying practices law with particular emphasis on public control.

In the preliminary list for the voting included 4566 houses 85
the areas of “old Moscow” and six settlements in the attached
territories. In them, according to city officials, there are about a million people. The program is designed for at least 10-15 years. The first reading
the draft law passed on 20 April, the second was postponed to 5 July.

On may 14 the action
against a restoration programme in Moscow, at Prospekt Akademika Sakharova
there were more than 20 thousand people (the organizers said about 30
thousands, and the police – about eight), with nearly half of citizens took
participation in the rally for the first time in my life.

According to the poll conducted in late April, Muscovites are well aware why the government set renovation of housing: survey respondents called the main aim of the renovation of the enrichment of the construction firms.

Transparency international has named the former head of the Moscow construction complex Vladimir resin, the main developer and beneficiary of the renovation project 17.05.2017

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