System “Platon”, which Express the discontent of drivers and carriers in Russia and abroad, there are almost two weeks. During this time the country witnessed a wave of protests from truckers, which is still raging. Drivers several cities have planned for today, 27 November, the beginning of his campaign to Moscow. In addition, there are the truckers rallies organized by the Communist party. Meanwhile on the website of Rosavtodor reported in which the protest of drivers of heavy trucks commented in one sentence.

In the March to Moscow, judging by the entries in the “trucker” in a social network “Vkontakte”, gathered the residents of Nizhny Novgorod. “Secondly, start going on November 27 on the Moscow highway near the city of Dzerzhinsk in the column, and on November 29 move to Moscow!!! November 30 on the Moscow ring road meet with our colleagues from other regions!!!
Self-respecting people, join us!!!” the message reads, under which the users have left many comments expressing solidarity in drivers.

In addition, to move to Moscow truckers going from the Volgograd region, as reported in “Live Journal” local blogger Alexei Ulyanov. The drivers of the region began to form another column 24 of November. “We need around two or three days to line up, departure is tentatively scheduled for November 27. We expect that we will be joined about 80 cars from Elista. Remote areas – Uryupinsk, Frolovo – forming columns on highways,” Ulyanov told the correspondent of the”Caucasian knot”.

In the “Plato” found the option to levy charges and passenger cars

A convoy of trucks to Moscow from Krasnodar. Truckers participating in the protest, noted that the introduction of tolls on Federal highways will lead to increase in the price of all products in General. One of the protesters said that after the introduction of “Plato” was the negative attitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Meanwhile in Krasnoyarsk continues the protest of drivers of heavy vehicles, which this week is almost completely blocked off traffic on the Northern highway, one of the key routes for trucks. About fifty cars was moving at a “snail” speed of about 10 kilometers per hour.

As noted by Moskovsky Komsomolets, the traffic police stopped the trucks and drivers were fined for administrative violations. The inspectors territory has fined on 100 thousand rubles, the newspaper claims.

Meanwhile, support for the truckers willing to provide to the regional office of the CPRF. Press Secretary of the party Sergei Kotov told “MK” that the regional authorities have not agreed on the protest action, so the party members are preparing the so-called single picket with placards and flags.

According to the site “Antiplate”, 27 November the meeting of the Communist party against the system “Platon” to be held at the Tchaikovsky square in Vologda from 13:00 to 14:00.

Against this background, the Federal road Agency, which a week ago thought it necessary to tell about actions of drivers of large trucks throughout Russia, released a report on the work of the system “Platon”, mentioning in it the protest of the truckers. “The head of Federal road Agency and the leader of the liberal democratic party discussed the first results of running the system “Platon” the protest of truck drivers in the regions,” reads the headline in a note.

However, protest actions of drivers the Agency has devoted one sentence, referring to the words of the parliamentarian Vladimir Zhirinovsky. “The leader of LDPR has underlined that to date the topic has caused wide social resonance, which requires the authorities of building constructive dialogue, primarily with the owners of “12-tinnikov,” – said on the website of Rosavtodor.

On the eve of the newspaper Vedomosti reported that the Department promised to ask the government to freeze fees for the passage of heavy trucks on Federal highways by January 2016, or even the whole year. The initiative on the moratorium were made by the representatives of major retail chains, food manufacturers, trucking companies and business associations, complaining of failures in the “Plato” and unreasonably high fees from drivers. But the Agency said that the agreements about the freezing of the system was not. By the way, the Russian leadership insists that failures in the “Plato” caused by hacker attacks from abroad.

It is worth noting that soon all over the country should be organized the Communist party meetings truckers. National campaign planned for 5 December. In addition, a growing number of protesters in Dagestan, whose people promised to go to Moscow, if, before November 30 did not follow the authorities ‘ response to the indignation of the Russians system “Platon”.

The launch of the “Plato” was accompanied by protests of truckers across Russia. Drivers of heavy trucks dissatisfied with not only the introduction of tolls on Federal highways, but numerous faults in the toll collection system. Truckers also complain about the lack of opportunities to adjust the route while driving.

Not satisfied with the “Plato” and business representatives. Managers of large retail chains have noted a significant growth of tariffs for transportation since the launch of the system. And this despite the fact that not all heavy vehicles are already registered in the “Plato”.

System “Platon” operates in Russia since November 15. It provides a toll for heavy vehicles with a permissible maximum weight exceeding 12 tonnes for travel on Federal highways. Until March 1, 2016, trucks to pay 1,53 rubles per kilometer, in the future, the rate will increase.

According to the certification authorities, the money should go to the road Fund in compensation for the destruction of traces of heavy cars. At the same time, the oppositionist Alexey Navalny in his blog declares that “Plato” was created and is in the interests of the son of Arkady Rotenberg Igor, who became a co-owner of the operator of the tolling system “RT-invest the Transport system” (RTAS) belonging to the state Corporation “rostec” and “RT-invest”.

Truck drivers in several cities in Russia are advancing on Moscow 27.11.2015

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