On the government website on Saturday there was a list of instructions following the meeting, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with truckers, as well as the comments of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who had promised to reduce the bureaucratic load, automatically provide deductions from the transport tax. This happens on the eve declared on March 27, all-Russian strike against the “Plato” system of tolling heavy trucks on Federal highways.

Dvorkovich in his comments explains formulated following the meeting, Medvedev and approved by the Commission.

First, the Deputy Prime Minister promised that the use of funds received from payment system “Platon”, will be put under public control: “a Key Federal road network to be financed will be selected on the basis of the proposals by the carriers”.

In addition, the Prime Minister also instructed that all funds were spent only on repair and construction of Federal roads and not on other objects. “Another key point: be reduced the bureaucratic burden on carriers, but it will ensure automatic calculation of deductions from the transport tax and eliminated the need for filing
documents by the carriers themselves to the tax office”.

This Dvorkovich has underlined that the question on increase of a tariff would not be reviewed: 15 April instead of double indexing the cost will rise by only 25 per cent to $ 1.91 ruble. “This is done in connection with the fact that we understand the shortcomings of the system and
the necessity of raising its quality to a higher level, and
solutions of a number of interconnected issues related to the functioning of the market
road freight transport”, – quotes Vice-the Prime Minister “Interfax”.

The government promised to consider other proposals
carriers, in particular the application of discounts in the calculation of the size
fees for carriers with high mileage. Think also about the state support of leasing, management stafstrom, improved weight and dimensional control systems.

The system Platon is valid from 15 November 2015. The fee is mandatory for all heavy vehicles of 12 tonnes will be charged with both Russian and foreign transport and sent to the Federal road Fund. Currently, the penalties for non-payment on the Federal highway amount to five thousand roubles and 10 thousand roubles, for repeated infringement within a year.

Truckers on the threshold of major strikes promise of public control over the “Plato” 25.03.2017

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