The US President Donald trump on Thursday, October 5, after a meeting with members of the U.S. military command made that mysterious statement, reports Politico.

A gala dinner was held at the White house with the President and the first lady Melania trump, as well as representatives of the senior military leadership and their spouses. Before that, the President held a meeting with the leadership of the Pentagon and other military leaders. According to the press, after the meeting, trump asked who was in the audience of media representatives: “do you Know what that means? Perhaps this is the calm before the storm.”

“In this room are the world’s great military leaders,” said trump. It is not explained exactly what he wanted to say such meaningful phrases. “You will learn”, – assured the President of the journalists trying to clarify what was going on.

It is not known what topics were discussed at the meeting and what could hint the President, writes Politico. Currently, however, the newspaper notes, the White house decides with senior officials of whether to break the nuclear deal with Iran.

As reported by Reuters, after a meeting with the military trump once again stated that the violation of Iran’s “spirit” of the agreement in 2015 under his predecessor Barack Obama. It is expected that the President will officially announce its decision on the Iran deal next week.

The day before that trump is going to announce the cancellation of the agreement with Iran, citing White house sources told the newspaper The Washington Post. It was noted that trump believes the agreement is “not equitable to national interests of the country.”

According to CNBC News, after a meeting with the military in the White house trump also said that the us administration “insists on the denuclearization of North Korea.” Earlier, after Pyongyang’s test of a hydrogen bomb, the U.S. leader threatened the complete destruction of the DPRK.

In addition, it is reported that before the meeting with the military, Donald trump mentioned Afghanistan and the terrorist organization “Islamic state.”* He explained that he expects members of the military command, the provision of more timely military options to solve problems.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

Trump after the meeting with the military the White house said “the calm before the storm” 06.10.2017

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