The candidates for President are Hillary Clinton and Donald trump Saturday campaigning to vote in Florida – one of the key States for determining the outcome of the election campaign, reports Reuters. According to most polls, Clinton in the final days of the campaign managed to maintain a slight edge over trump, but the billionaire hopes to turn the tide.

The advantage Clinton in “key States” is retained, but it has become less over the past week, during which media representatives discussed the renewal of an FBI investigation about the use of her private email server, notes Reuters. A survey of service Real Clear Politics appreciate the advantages of Clinton in Florida in the 1% – that is, within the statistical error.

From that state to vote for the winner will be 29 electors (only from California and Texas), and both candidates hope to win over undecided voters in the state. Reuters reminds that the recount of votes in Florida decided the outcome of the elections in 2000, when al Gore lost to George Bush. At the same time for al Gore voted for most Americans. However, the two-stage system of elections, when most often the winner in a particular state receives all the electoral votes from him, determined the victory of Bush.

Trump at the morning rally in Tampa criticized Clinton for supporting care act the current administration (Obamacare) against the background of reports about rising insurance premiums next year. “This will not happen, because if we win, I’ll get rid of him”, – said the billionaire.

Trump, in addition to Florida, will visit North Carolina, Nevada, Colorado, and Minnesota – a state that did not vote for predstavitelia the Republican party since 1984. The edition of the Drudge Report brought together the results of surveys which indicate that in these two States, the candidates have an equal chance. However, for this I had to take surveys for different dates and different services.

Announcing such a tight schedule, trump reiterated the possible lack of physical strength at his rival in his words, he continues to campaign, when Hillary goes to sleep.

Clinton its first performance held in the Cuban community, where it was presented by the presenter, Jencarlos Canela – a descendant of Cuban immigrants.

Day Clinton have a speech in South Florida, and then she will go to Philadelphia, where her campaign rally singer Katy Perry. In the night of Tuesday its meeting in Cleveland will support the performances by rapper Jay-Z and singer Beyonce.

Various national polls show Clinton an advantage of 2-5%. However, the decisive should be the advantage in key States.

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November.

Trump and Clinton are campaigning in Florida – one of the key States 05.11.2016

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