Candidates in US presidents, Donald trump and Hillary Clinton did not shake each others hands before the third and final televised debate, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November.

In the first part of the current debate discusses the differences of the candidates on the most pressing for the United States domestic policy: about guns, immigration, abortion, growth, and activity of the Supreme court. Broadcasting live from Las Vegas leads the channel to CNN.

Russia and President Putin mentioned rarely. Trump said that “not familiar with Putin, but would like to interact with him”, while his rival Clinton does not like Putin because he “tricked her in every step, for example, in Syria.”

Clinton pointed to Russia, when talking about the leaks of emails from the correspondence of the functionaries of the Democratic party. In the opinion of Clinton, “the Russian government is engaged in espionage against the Americans, it’s “hacked” the American websites, the accounts of private U.S. citizens, institutions, and then sent this information to (organization) Wikileaks so she can put it on the Internet”. Guidance on the implementation of this activity came directly from the top of the Russian leadership, “is clearly from the (President Vladimir) Putin,” said Clinton.

The main trump’s statement became the answer to the question about whether he accepts the election results in case of loss. “Look,” he said to the moderator. Clinton did not fail to note that throughout U.S. history, candidates have accepted the results, even if they didn’t like, reports Reuters.

As recalled by TASS, trump and Clinton in the first televised debate of the policy exchanged a handshake and reserved smile. In the second debate, which was preceded by the controversial remarks about billionaire women candidates began to approach each other, but simply greeted the audience.

Trump’s credibility among voters took a serious hit after in mass-media there were publications about his disrespectful and vulgar remarks about women, previously admitted that he several times made a public apology.

Trump and Clinton shook hands before the final debate 20.10.2016

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