US President, Donald trump declared an end to the “era of strategic patience” toward North Korea and urged the international community to unite against the regime of the DPRK. About this American leader announced on the lawn of the White of the year during a joint press conference with South Korean President mun Jae Otherwise.

“The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed. Honestly, it’s patience ran out,” – said trump. He also noted that the United States cooperate closely with Japan and South Korea and develop diplomatic, economic and defense measures for the protection of allies and US citizens against such threats as North Korea.

Trump also said that nuclear and missile programmes of the regime “requires a decisive answer”. In addition, he urged other governments to participate in the sanctions pressure on North Korea. According to trump, to support US in this matter should be “other regional powers and all responsible States”.

Earlier this week, trump saidthat the issue of nuclear and missile development in North Korea requires a “speedy solution”. The U.S. leader did not specify what methods he’s going to solve the problem, however, informed the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson noted that the strike of the DPRK in the Americas it was only a matter of time, and therefore Washington should respond first. The head of the state Department was also not excluded, that speech can go and about the military operation.

“The North Korean regime creates enormous challenges, and we must deal with it. And probably to understand quickly,” trump said during a reception at the White house Prime Minister Narendra modi. He also thanked modi for the fact that India has adopted new sanctions against the North Korean regime in accordance with the decisions of the UN Security Council.

On 2 June, the UN Security Council adopted a resolutionexpanding sanctions against North Korea in response to recent rocket launches in the country. The security Council urged North Korea to immediately halt prohibited nuclear activities, as well as to take action to “a political diplomatic settlement” of tensions on the Korean Peninsula. In Pyongyang, the document is not recognized, arguing that the country has every right to strengthen the defense capability amid the hostile policy of Washington.

Moreover, the North Korean state news Agency KCNA reported that the DPRK considers proclaimed by the President of the United States Donald trump’s policy of “America above all” “Nazism of the XXI century”. Such reactionary ideology, promoting aggression and chauvinism, “opens the way to undermine the independence, violations of the right to existence and development of other countries in the interests of the US”, say in North Korea.

According to the testimony of the KCNA, the administration trump has on the DPRK “unprecedented pressure using blackmail and economic sanctions.” While in the sanction lists “included not only fuel, but also medical products and equipment”. The Agency compares “such inhuman and brutal actions of Washington and siege of Leningrad during the time of Hitler.”

Pyongyang calls on all countries and Nations “to struggle with American hegemony, which is destined to fail under the influence of combined efforts, and justice.” The conviction of the DPRK, “it is necessary to wipe off the face of the earth the ideology and forces that undermine global peace and security, threatening the existence of humanity”.

Trump announced the end of the “era of strategic patience” toward the DPRK 01.07.2017

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