The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump released the video swiftly apologized for the lewd remarks to the women, who became known to the public. Reuters notes an atypical reaction of a billionaire, considering that he’s trying to save his campaign was under threat because of statements a decade ago.

Newspaper Washington Post has published a video back in 2005 where you heard trump in an interview with well-known American leading Billy Bush allows a number of vulgar affectation and sexist statements against women. The video was shot near the shooting of the series “Days of our lives”, in which trump has a cameo.

The billionaire boasted that it costs nothing to begin to stick to married women and shared details of their relationship with the opposite sex. “When you’re a star, they’ll allow it”, – he said. It tycoon was full of obscene statements, notes TASS. At the end of the record, trump meets the actress, Arian Zucker, which should work with him on set. Then the billionaire notes that Zucker looks really good and eats a mento in case he gets the chance to kiss her. The WP notes that the businessman allowed himself such statements three months after his marriage to Melania trump.

The Daily Beast claims that talking about molesting a married woman, trump was referring to TV presenter Nancy O’dell. Thus in a few years trump has tried to make exceptions for rejecting him O’dell from among its participants of the contest Miss USA.

After the publication of record for trump’s criticism struck both Democrats and Republicans. Hillary Clinton called the words of billionaire appalling, stating that “we cannot allow this man to become President.” Among party members trump his remarks were condemned, in particular, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee Raines, Pribas, the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan, Senator from Arizona John McCain and former billionaire rivals in the election campaign – senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

In a rapidly released the video, trump said: “I said these words, I was wrong and apologize… Everyone who knows me knows that these words do not reflect my essence”.

The billionaire recalled that he had allowed himself disparaging remarks in a private conversation, which took place over 10 years ago, stating that ever since he changed. “I have traveled the country, speaking about the changes needed in America, and these travels have changed me,” said the billionaire. He also promised to “be better” than before and “not to let” voters.

In addition, trump insists that the publication of his controversial statements is nothing but a “distraction” from the problems facing the United States at the present time. “I said some stupid things, but there is a difference between words and actions,” he said. A billionaire in the traditional vein, criticized the policy pursued by his rival in the election Democrat, Hillary Clinton, who previously held the post of Secretary of state.

The United States presidential election will be held next month, November 8th.

Trump apologized for the lewd remarks to the women, jeopardize his campaign 08.10.2016

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