After the statement of the Congressman from Texas Democrat al green about a possible impeachment of Donald trump backstage talking about the removal from office of the 45th President of the United States, persisting for a week, entered the new open stage.

The scandal around the investigation of the relationships of the team trump with Russia now aggravated by the new information – that the current occupant of the White house allegedly fired a former Director of the FBI James Komi after he refused to stop the investigation against Michael Flynn, former adviser to the President, suspected of links with Moscow. Such a request trump turned to Komi in February of 2017 during their meeting in the oval office. Dismissed the head of the FBI gave information about it in their records.

Into the hands of the Democrats and the reports that trump in an interview with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov allegedly divulged sensitive information on issues of combating terrorism.

So trump, after spending only four months in the oval office, suddenly entered “the zone of possible impeachment.” However, it is difficult and there is no certainty that it will lead to the end.

Republicans are already dreaming about the new President – Michael Penny
18 unknown contacts trump with the Russian authorities

With absolute certainty we can say that the 45th US President Donald trump may expose the White house electorate in the following election in 2020. But the other two legitimate ways such a guarantee is not given, writes The Financial Times.

The first way is to remove the current President from power through the 25th amendment to the Constitution adopted in 1967. It allows you to send the US President to resign in case it is declared unable to exercise the rights and duties provided by his office. In this case, Vice-President Mike Pence would be a full-fledged President. But while some Democrats say that trump may be mentally unfit to remain in office, a precedent for the use of this mechanism in American history was not.

The second way is impeachment (a Procedure). For it would require that the legal Committee of the house of representatives have initiated hearings, after which a simple majority of the house should vote for impeachment. This step would be equivalent to the arraignment of Donald Trump. Then the case must go to the Senate where the necessary two-thirds majority to remove the President from office.

“Obstruction of justice is a significant problem in the history of American presidents: this charge was put forward against Nixon and against Clinton. Is there a real chance that trump will be removed from office, depends more on politics than legal analysis and also from, whether the President the seriousness of the situation and whether he will change course,” the article says the FT, which quotes InoPressa.

Republican senators, colleagues of trump’s in the party, confident that if the representatives of the Democratic party of the United States seriously put the question of impeachment of the President, it “will be a painful experience” for the country.

But according to analysts of the American Bank JPMorgan, the script impeachment Trump representatives of the democratic party is “very, very unlikely.”

As the portal ZeroHedge, a majority in both houses of Congress (the house of representatives and the Senate) has the Republican party, and while this balance of forces will not change, to talk of impeachment before.

The situation may change in January 2019, if the Republicans lose the majority in either the house of representatives or in the Senate, and the election in November 2018. But if it does occur, the administration of the White house the movement to accelerate the growth of the US economy will be halted, say analysts at JPMorgan.

The note indicated that, in connection with the issue of possible impeachment “now a lot of talk about how President Pence would have been a positive factor in the current situation” (Vice-President Mike Pence in the event of the resignation or removal of the trump becomes President in accordance with the 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which entered into force on 23 February 1967. – Approx. However, “the scenario of impeachment in any case will have a negative impact for the market,” the analysts conclude.

Impeachment in the United States

According to the U.S. Constitution, the President may be removed from office “due to allegations of treason, bribery or other serious crimes and offences”. Any member of the house of representatives, the lower house of Congress can start impeachment proceedings by submitting a petition, which must consider the legal Committee.

If the suspicions are substantiated, the legal Committee formulates the charges and shall present them to the vote at the plenary session of the lower house.

In case of approval of the charges by a simple majority of votes, the house of representatives shall forward them to the upper house of Congress – the Senate. According to the Constitution, the Senate must consider the matter as the panel of judges, headed by the President of the Supreme court of the United States. The President can defend himself with the assistance of a lawyer.

For impeachment must vote at least two-thirds of the senators.

If the vote will be held, in accordance with the 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which entered into force on 23 February 1967, the President of the United States is Donald trump is the current Vice-President Michael Penny. Similar situation in US history have been: after the voluntary resignation of President Richard Nixon under threat of impeachment because of “Watergate” Vice President Gerald Ford became President of the United States – the first and still the only President not elected to the post by universal suffrage.

However, for impeachment at the present moment and in the Senate and in the house of representatives vote is not enough – there is a majority for Republicans. And the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan and the Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell are on the side of trump that they supported his decision to dismiss the head of the FBI James Komi.

Besides, McConnell rejected a proposal to appoint spectracolor to investigate relations team trump with Russia. However, spectacular to investigate was still assigned – the U.S. justice Department chose the former head of the FBI Robert Mueller.

Himself Donald trump, commenting on the recent events and called them a “witch hunt”. “There is a major “witch hunt” against the politician in American history” – he wrote in his Twitter.

This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!

Trump called attacks on himself the largest “witch hunt” in US history. Analysts believe that the impeachment will not come 18.05.2017

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