The US President-elect Donald trump called the deceased leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro a “cruel dictator” and expressed the hope that after his death, the Cuban people will be free. As noted by Reuters, to the reaction of the trump was the centre of attention in connection with sharp criticism of the Cuban authorities, which he voiced during his election campaign, threatening to reverse the process of rapprochement initiated by the Obama administration. The outgoing President of the United States was much more diplomatic and call Fidel “an extraordinary man” whose influence “will give the rating history”.

In a statement, trump said: “Today the whole world is discussing the demise of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for approximately six decades… while Cuba remains an island of totalitarianism, I hope this day will mark the transition from the horrors, who have suffered too long for a future in which the lovely Cuban people
finally find the freedom he so deserves.” (Quoted by “Interfax”.)

“The legacy of Fidel Castro – is shootings, theft, extreme human suffering, poverty and denial of human rights,” said trump.

Initially, trump reacted to the demise of Castro in his Twitter, writing, “Fidel Castro is dead!”. The message got more than 45 thousand retweets and became one of the most publicized messages from the account of the elected President.

Rustem Agamamou about the legacy of Fidel: killed Havana

During the election campaign, trump has come out with harsh criticism of the leadership of Cuba, in particular, pointing to the harassment that violates freedom of religion. A Republican has said it is ready to reverse started the current U.S. President Barack Obama’s normalization of relations between Washington and Havana.

Castro died Friday at the age of 90 years. In Cuba in connection with this declared nine days of mourning, his funeral is scheduled for 4 December.

Trump called Castro “a brutal dictator”, the oppressor of the Cuban people 26.11.2016

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