Donald trump called “sick and crazy” pensioner Stephen Paddock, which killed nearly 60 people and wounded hundreds during a festival of country music in Las Vegas. The US President refused to return to the question on toughening of legislation on arms trafficking, and promised to do it “in due time”, reports BBC.

“He is a sick man with a mental disorder, he had serious problems, I think. We study it and think it’s serious. We are dealing with a very, very sick man”, – quotes the words of the American President of NBC News.

Your comment regarding the shooting in Las Vegas he did on the way to Puerto Rico, where he intends to personally assess the aftermath of a hurricane. Wednesday, October 4, trump is going to go to Las Vegas.

Poklonskaya compared the shooting in Las Vegas with threats around the “Matilda”

“Look, we have a real tragedy. What happened in Las Vegas, can be called a miracle. The police Department has done an incredible job,” said the President of the United States, refusing to talk about whether shooting an act of domestic terrorism.

As recalled by The New York Times, 64-year-old Paddock last weekend is in the luxury Suite Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on the 32nd floor, brought to room 10 suitcases with 23 weapons, knocked out with a hammer heavy-duty glass, equipped with two firing positions, then opened fire on the crowd.

When the police got to his room, he was already dead probably killed himself. Law enforcement agencies have difficulty in ascertaining its motives.

According to the Russian Embassy in Washington, the Russians among the dead was not.

Friends describe the shooter out of Vegas like a wealthy retiree who had a home in four States, but preferred to live in hotels with casinos and loved to gamble. Still not reported about the presence of his criminal record or known mental disorders. The FBI assuredthat it is not associated with international terrorism.

As the newspaper notes, the Democrats hoped that the tragedy in Nevada will encourage Congress to discuss the law on toughening of rules of circulation of weapons. “Congress can do what needs to make Congress enact laws that protect our citizens,” – said at the Senate meeting of October 2, Chuck Schumer, democratic Senator from new York. However, Republicans showed no interest in the initiative.

We will note, earlier the Vice-President of CBS Haley Geftman-gold criticized some of the victims of the Paddock as “the Republican gunsmiths” who do not deserve sympathy. She wrote in the social network that he hopes that the Republicans will ever change their position on the free bearing of arms, because they did not do this when children were killed. The company has fired Geftman-gold, calling her words are totally unacceptable.

Since the first disturbing call to the police and to the special troops storm took one hour 12 minutes. The distance from the window, which was shot by Paddock, to the concert venue was about 400 meters. The FBI notes that the offender has equipped the room has two firing positions had appropriate training, as he was a member of the National rifle organizations in the US, was calm and collected. But these findings did not correspond to the testimony of relatives and acquaintances Paddock.

Sheriff of Las Vegas Joseph Lombardo said that the Paddock was used that allows for the firing of semi-automatic rifles in automatic mode. “We believe that this is so. We don’t know what purpose this modification was made, for shooting animals or for fully automatic firing. The exact answer to the question is to give experts the Federal Office for control over turnover of alcohol, firearms and tobacco”, transfers TASS statement Lombardo on CNN.

Earlier it was reported that such devices the shooter had at least two. Equipped with the weapons they are able to do 800 shots per minute.

Trump called shot 59 people in Las Vegas patients, and occurred in the city – a miracle 03.10.2017

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