The US President-elect Donald trump criticized the “Scam” for the recount of votes in three key States where he defeated Hillary Clinton with a minimal advantage.

“The fraudulent scheme, the Green party, which aims to fill its coffers by requesting the impossible translations, is now joined by Democrats who had sustained a complete defeat, and demoralized” – quoted by TASS trump. The winner of the election is not explained, why considers the initiative not feasible.

He also criticized the presidential candidate for the green Party Jill Stein, the initiator of the translation, Recalling that she “received less than 1% of the vote and in some States even did not appear on the ballot”. In his opinion, most of the money that “green” is collected for recalculation, it will spend on other needs.

To begin to count the votes, the initiator of this procedure has
to pay for the cost of several million dollars. Now
collected about 5.3 million dollars – this amount should be enough for the conversion to
Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, specifies “Interfax”. Stein also hopes to seek a recount in Oregon.

It is expected that the recount will begin at the end of next week. Under Federal law, all procedures should be completed by December 13.

Earlier on Saturday, attorney Marc Elias, who was a lawyer at the campaign headquarters Clinton, said that aides of the former candidate of the Democrats are ready to take part in tests in all three States.

The United States presidential election held on 8 November. Billionaire Donald trump scored 290 electoral votes with 270 needed to win. His rival Hillary Clinton has secured the support of 232 electors. While it was voted for 2 million more. Wisconsin, where he began a recount, gave Trump 10 electors, mi – 16, PA – 20.

Trump criticized the “fraud” in the counting of votes in key States 27.11.2016

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