The US President Donald trump on Saturday lashed out at the mayor of the Puerto Rican city of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz and the island’s population over the slow recovery from hurricane Maria, which killed several dozen people. Thus the head of state answered the complaint, Cruz, who felt that the us authorities are unable to properly assist the residents of Puerto Rico, according to Reuters.

According to analysts ‘ estimates, the damage caused in Puerto Rico by hurricane “Maria”, can be up to 95 billion dollars. Almost the entire island with a population of about 3.4 million people remains de-energized. Experts expect that in some areas the power supply will not resume for a few months.

In addition, the island has been a shortage of food, drinking water and fuel. USA in this regard was transferred to the island more than 70 military medics and eight helicopters of the 101st airborne army division from the state of Kentucky.

Carmen Yulin Cruz on Friday appealed to the White house, complained about the lack of support in the aftermath of the hurricane. Her statement received a wide resonance in the American media.

Trump, according to tradition, commented on his Twitter page. The head of state accused the mayor of San Juan in the “weak leadership” and the inability to organize the restoration of the infrastructure on their own. “They want everything done for them” – outraged trump, adding that a solution to the problems of Puerto Rico must deal with including the locals.

“Maria” was held in Puerto Rico on 20 September, becoming the strongest storm in the history of this dependent on the United States territory for almost 90 years. The island’s population warned of the threat of flooding. The streets of the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan in the historic part of the city after the hurricane was strewn with broken balcony, air conditioning, a fallen lamp post, dangling power lines and dead birds. Only a few trees managed to survive.

In Puerto Rico the storm killed 15 people, eight of whom drowned in the municipality of Toa Baja, located approximately 32 kilometers West of San Juan.

Trump criticized the mayor, asked for assistance after the hurricane “Maria” 01.10.2017

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