The US President-elect Donald trump, despite his repeated threats during the election campaign that in case of victory he will have to resume the investigation against former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton for leaking her official correspondence, has refused this idea. The journalists MSNBC said an informed source close to trump.

“I think that when elected President, who also heads the party, said even before the inauguration ceremony that did not intend to pursue further investigation of these charges, it is a very powerful signal, determines the tone and content for the future,” – said in this regard, the adviser to trump, Kellyann Conway.

Former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, meanwhile, said that the decision is designed to “unite the country”. “It was a difficult decision for the elected President. But those voters who in the election have supported it and Hillary Clinton should pay attention to this decision,” said Giuliani.

Note that the trump after winning the election, November 13, in the program “60 minutes” said that “going to think about the persecution of Clinton.” “She did some bad things,” he said, adding however that, the Clintons – “good people”. “I don’t want to harm them,” – said the President-elect.

Meanwhile, the first trump has repeatedly said during the presidential race that he intends to investigate Clinton. Thus, during the second presidential debate October 9, he declared: “If I win, I will instruct the attorney General to appoint a special Prosecutor to delve into this situation.”

Trump has also repeatedly drew attention of Americans that his rival in the presidential race can not run, as against it was conducted an investigation on the use of personal email for work purposes, as Secretary of state.

Previously, Hillary Clinton has accused the head of the FBI James Komi to his defeat in the last election. In late October, the Komi Republic has notified the chairmen of the several committees in Congress that the FBI resumes its investigations in connection with the use of Clinton’s personal email server in the years of her tenure as Secretary of state.

Then Komi explained the decision by the appearance of some emails allegedly associated with the specified case. What exactly are the new investigative actions of the FBI and that they are directed, did not become known.

British tabloid the Daily Mail claimed that the outgoing President Obama was furious because of the decision of the Komi Republic for 11 days before the election to reopen the investigation. First, the President did not want to take action against the Komi Republic, out of fear that he will be charged with obstruction of justice. However, according to the publication, Obama still gave the order to prepare a plan for the removal of the Komi Republic from office.

The scandal surrounding the correspondence Clinton erupted after it became known that, occupying the post of the head of the diplomatic corps from 2009-2013, she sent emails from a personal email, not the government, as required by the instruction.

Proceedings of the FBI in this case was completed in the summer. In July, the Bureau and oversees its Ministry of justice, simultaneously performing the functions of the Prosecutor General, has announced that it will not bring Clinton to justice for the use of private servers.

Trump decided not to reopen the investigation against Clinton because of her official correspondence 22.11.2016

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