Americans have cause for concern regarding the danger of a nuclear war between the USA and the DPRK, said the President of the United States Donald trump during a trip to Wisconsin. This opinion he expressed in an interview with a local TV station TMJ4.

On the question of the extent to which U.S. citizens should be wary of a nuclear war with the DPRK, trump said: “we have to be Worried always. It is not clear exactly with whom we are dealing”.

He reminded about his recent meeting with XI Jinping: “I had a wonderful meeting with the President of China, and this meeting allowed me to learn a lot. As you’ve seen, a lot of what happened.” According to trump, “they (China) have very much power over North Korea”. “We will see what happens. The situation is very, very difficult” – quoted by TASS trump.

The trump part of the blame for the situation put on previous U.S. presidents. “This ought to do to President Obama. This ought to do the previous presidents up to Clinton, but it was just postponed,” said the current occupant of the White house.

In his view, the past agreements between Washington and Pyongyang was extremely disadvantageous to the American side. “Now I am in a position where he (the leader of North Korea) has nuclear weapons… And we have to do something. I hope he wants peace, we want peace. Ultimately, all will depend on this, but we need to wait and watch for a while.”

The situation on the Korean Peninsula escalated in early last year, when Pyongyang carried out a nuclear test and later launched a ballistic missile artificial satellite of the Earth. In September 2016, the DPRK conducted another nuclear test, and over the years has produced more than 20 rocket launches.

Trump estimated the likelihood of nuclear war with North Korea 19.04.2017

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