Leading U.S. media, commenting on the victory of Donald trump in the presidential race, bind his future presidency with the change of the vector of relations with Russia. So, The Wall Street Journal explicitly says that trump got a unique chance to reorganize U.S.-Russian relations.

“Trump has refused to blame the hacking attacks on Russia and hinted that he supports the policy, which in many ways may be beneficial for Russia,” the authors write. So, trump suggested that the US supported the allies only on condition that they would increase their defense spending. He “made it clear that it will consider the question of recognition of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and said the United States should cooperate with Russia in Syria,” the article says, which translates Inopressa.

The newspaper considers that the upcoming foreign policy changes may adversely affect existing alliances, the United States, especially in Europe. At the same time, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress support a hard line against the Kremlin, and when the Trump will be able to implement any changes, is unclear.

Meanwhile, The New York Times believes that a victory for Donald trump was a surprise for Russia. The paper argues that Moscow has used “a long and painful campaign in the United States, in order to prove the global reach of their destructive operations of misinformation and cast doubt on the whole Western democratic process.”

“In a sense, the result itself was less important for President Vladimir Putin than the fact that Moscow was able to use this campaign as evidence that the West is in a chaotic decline”, – the newspaper notes.

According to the NYT, the Russian President is “cold” trump congratulated on this victory and welcome ceremonies for new ambassadors to Moscow “was repeated a mantra left over from the superpower of the past: that Russia and the United States bear a special responsibility for “maintaining stability and security in the world.”

“And yet it was impossible not to notice the enthusiasm with which the Kremlin perceived the rise of trump. The fact that he is inexperienced in foreign policy, calls into question NATO, openly admires the Russian leader and, apparently, accepted the annexation of Crimea by Russia – it all seems to be in the hands of the Kremlin,” the NYT article translates InoPressa.

And if the reaction of the Russian political establishment is predictable and understandable, that in American politics the incredible result of trump was a shock, admits The Wall Street Journal. “Political and MediaElement amazed at the markets, there is concern, as, no doubt among many voters,” the article says.

The publication suggests that the Republican victory was the result of contempt for the voters from Barack Obama, who “too often made decisions as if their needs and preferences were unreasonable.”

“The voters decided that he [trump] will bring change, and rejected the progressive program and a third term of Obama, who was a Clinton” – WSJ material InoPressa.

It should be noted, this conclusion is much inferior in sharpness to the statement of The New York Times that the reasons for the rise of trump is not only misogyny and racism, but also “outrageous, even reckless desire for change,” which eventually led US “to the brink”.

Now, say media, it all depends on whether realizes the 45th President of the United States Grand responsibilities that are assumed, given that “millions of Americans prayed for him and hope for a better future.”

“One of the first tests will become his personnel decisions, including selecting the Minister of Finance and the Secretary of state, as the state of West wing of the White house. Surround whether he is a reasonable, sober people who know how to use leverage in the White house and tell him what he doesn’t know – like he did by choosing his Vice-President Mike Pence? Or will he continue to rely on your instincts and narrow circle of close advisors?” asks the observers The Wall Street Journal.

Trump got a unique chance to reorganize relations with Russia, write the American media 09.11.2016

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