The administration of U.S. President Donald trump ordered all state departments and agencies to remove from their information networks any software of the Russian company “Kaspersky Lab” (Kaspersky Lab) which, according to the Washington, cooperating with Russian special services and the Kremlin.

As reported in the official statement, the Department of homeland security (DHS), the United States, the products “Kaspersky Lab” is a threat to national security. The Agency gave officials 30 days to identify any use of or presence ON the Russian computer systems and 60 days for developing a plan for its removal.

While DHS stressed that antivirus products “Kaspersky Lab” should be removed from the information networks within 90 days from the date of publication of the respective guidelines, until, until other provisions of the Supervisory authority.

“Antivirus products “Kaspersky Lab” provide a file access and elevated privileges on the computers on which the software is installed. They can be used by hackers to compromise these information systems”, – stated in the Directive, the U.S. DHS.

The Agency expressed concern about the relationship of “Kaspersky Lab” with individual members of the Russian intelligence and other government agencies. “The Department will take appropriate action related to the products of any company that represents a security risk”, – assured in Washington.

However “Kaspersky Lab” provided a formal opportunity to challenge the suspicions of Washington about the risks posed by the software company for Federal information systems of the United States in accordance with us law.

In “Kaspersky Lab” announced readiness to cooperate with Washington

The decision of the Washington has already responded in “Kaspersky Lab”. The Russian company promised to provide all the necessary data the U.S. DHS to confirm the “unfounded decision” to stop using the products the anti-virus company to ministries and agencies of the United States, reports the RNS.

“Given that the “Kaspersky Lab” has no political relations with any country in the world, we are extremely disappointed by the decision of the Ministry of internal security of the United States. The company will certainly provide all the information to confirm that this decision has no basis”, – assured in the company.

In “Kaspersky Lab” also stressed that all allegations of Washington to the company based on false claims and incorrect conclusions, including the claim to legislative regulation in Russia, which allegedly could affect the company, and the statements about political risks.

“Referred to in the Directive laws and regulations regulate the activities of telecommunications companies and Internet service providers. The activity of “Kaspersky Lab” is not regulated by these laws or other normative acts in the System of technical means to ensure the functions of operative-investigative measures (SORM), because the company does not provide communication services”, – noted in the company.

“It is also important to emphasize that all information that enters the “Kaspersky Lab” from her clients, including traffic, is fully protected in accordance with legislation and the most stringent industry standards, including encryption, protection, digital certificates and so on,” – said in a press release.

In its official response to the Russian company, famous throughout the world for its antivirus software, also stressed that never helped and will not help the government or from one state of the world in attempts of cyber-espionage or hostile activities in cyberspace.

“We are disappointed that a private company may be considered guilty without evidence, under the pressure of current geopolitical situation. The company will continue working with the Ministry of internal security of the United States as “the Laboratory of Kaspersky” sure, further investigation proves that the allegations are unfounded”, – summed up in the company.

In July this year, the administration trump exclude “Kaspersky Lab” of the two lists of approved counterparties used in government procurement, on the background of doubt about the fact that the popular Russian anti-virus can be used by the Kremlin for access to networks in the United States.

The exception to the allow list providers – the most concrete measure against Russian companies suspected for many months in too close ties with the Russian intelligence that the American colleagues are accused of the organisation of hacker attacks in the United States.

Kaspersky Lab were excluded from the list used in the preparation of contracts and tenders Administration shared services (U. S. General Services Administration). It was noted that government agencies can continue to buy the products of the Russian company, if you organize not purchase through GSA.

American TV channel NBC News reported June 28 that the FBI representatives visited employees of “Kaspersky Lab” living in the United States, with interrogations. As claimed by the channel, the company’s operations have long been interested in the us authorities and US intelligence agencies believe that the virus “has close ties with some representatives of the Russian intelligence”.

In March 2015, Bloomberg published an article, which implies that with 2012 when the company of the virus with the Russian special services has increased dramatically, and in key managerial posts in the “Lab” came “people, with close ties to the Russian military or intelligence agencies.”

The company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky in an interview with the AP in early July of 2017 admitted that among the employees of his company are former employees of the Russian intelligence, mainly in the sales Department “because of their relations with the public sector”. Kaspersky then assured that his company will never engage in offensive cyber operations in any country. “We remain on the light side. And never, never go to the dark side,” – said the head of the company.

Trump has banned American officials to use antivirus “Kaspersky Lab” 14.09.2017

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