The US President-elect Donald trump has confirmed that it plans to build a wall on the us-Mexican border. He stated this in an interview with CBS, which is channel announces as the first long conversation with a journalist after a sensational victory in the elections.

On the channel’s website published in an announcement excerpt from the conversation. Trump said that deporting from the United States to 3 million illegal immigrants. “We’re going to deport people who are criminals, have criminal records, are gang members, drug dealers. These people very much, probably two, maybe even three million – we deport them from our country or put in jail. They are here illegally”, – quotes TASS.

The billionaire also responded affirmatively to a reporter’s question about plans for construction of the wall. He admitted that in some parts of the border wall can be replaced with fences: “In certain areas I would have installed it (the fence), but in other sites more suited to that wall,” he said.

Trump stressed that first of all we need to secure the border, then deport the illegals away, and the immigration service to determine who it was.

CBS reminds that the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico was one of the recurring themes in campaign speeches trump. After the elections, the co-chair of the team Ladder for the transfer of power newt Gingrich said that the wall was “great building campaign”. After the election trump, the Mexican government stated that they would not pay for the fence.

Trump is ready to deport up to 3 million migrants in Mexico over the wall 14.11.2016

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