The applicant for nomination as a candidate in US presidents from Republican party billionaire Donald trump said he considers NATO an outdated organization and it is ready to collapse because of debts of the members. It is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the New York Times. This subject the candidate also raised in a lengthy interview with the Washington Post.

Speaking at a rally before the voters in the city of Milwaukee (Wisconsin), the eccentric billionaire has criticized allied military unit, saying that they do not pay the expenses of the Alliance on par with the US. “We protect them, and they Rob us. And you know what we do with it? Nothing!”, he said. He offered to pay the debts “in or out”: “And if it leads to the disintegration of NATO, so be it”.

In an interview with the Washington Post, trump has indicated that he will not leave NATO in the event of being elected President. But he was confident that NATO is obsolete and that the US paid to be part of the Alliance too expensive, and its members do not belong to the States “with due respect”. The billionaire said: “Now for us the big threat is ISIS (“Islamic state” that were banned in Russia terrorist
organization), right? And NATO is not designed for combat
terrorism. The organization was formed mainly to
the opposition to the Soviet Union. And now the Soviet Union doesn’t”. (Quoted by TASS.)

Question NATO became one of the contentious issues of foreign policy in election debates trump and his opponent Ted Cruz. The Senator from Texas believes that the United States should support a military bloc to counter terrorism and the containment of Russia.

Trump made the collapse of NATO from-for debts of the members of the Alliance 03.04.2016

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