Donald trump after the presidential election in the USA will file lawsuits against women who accused him of sexual harassment in recent weeks. The candidate from the Republican party for the highest office in the country said during a speech in the us state of Pennsylvania.

“All the women who spoke to damage my campaign, lied,” said the Republican. “This is completely fabricated, nothing like this has ever happened. Against all who lied on this account, will be filed lawsuits after the elections”, – quotes TASS of a billionaire.

Trump also suggested that the women receive money from the Democratic party. “But we will probably find out later by the end of the trial, which we are waiting,” he assured a Republican.

He also lamented the fact that mainstream media does not properly validate information when publishing materials on this topic.

After the appearance of recording, where trump discusses his molestation of women in a ribald tone, a dozen women accused him of harassment.

It all started with the publication of the newspaper the New York Times, which quoted Jessica Leeds and Rachel crook. They claimed that the billionaire took advantage of them. The first incident allegedly occurred 30 years ago in the cabin, the second in 2005 in the Elevator tower, the Trump Tower in new York. After that, with similar accusations against the billionaire made a few of the fairer sex.

Trump denies the charges and says that the American media as it approaches the General elections in the United States do not stop at nothing to discredit him in the eyes of voters.

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November. Trump rival from the Democratic party – Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of state.

Trump promises to sue all the women that accused him of harassment 22.10.2016

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