The US President Donald trump said that North Korea “will work only one thing”. About this he wrote in Twitter. He did not elaborate, but promised reporters that very soon they will understand what was going on.

“The presidents and their administration talked to North Korea 25 years, entered into agreements and paid huge sums of money, but it didn’t work. Agreement was violated before the ink dried them, exposing US officials are fools. I’m sorry, but it will do only one thing,” wrote the President of the United States (quoted by RIA “Novosti”.)

Later the White house issued an additional message, but what was going on, they said. “Well, you’ll understand it pretty soon,” – said the President.

The last time Washington and Pyongyang regularly exchange harsh statements. So, the US President at the UN threatened to “completely destroy” North Korea if it would threaten the United States. In response, the North Korean leader promised to take the most stringent in the history of countermeasures.

On Friday trump at a gala dinner with the military leadership of the USA declared “the calm before the storm”. He did not respond to requests of journalists to clarify what he meant.

After a week in the sea of Japan to the Korean coast arriving us aircraft carrier group headed by Ronald Reagan. In its composition the destroyer with the sea defense system and the submarine with cruise missiles.

Trump said that he had for North Korea there was only one option 08.10.2017

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