The US President-elect Donald trump said that the election in the US, millions of votes were cast illegally. This billionaire has written in Twitter.

“In addition to winning the vote of the electoral College, I won the popular vote, if we subtract the votes of millions of people who voted illegally,” said trump. He did not specify who was given these votes, but probably had in mind his rival candidate from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

Trump believes that the falsification of the presidential elections took place in three States – Virginia, new Hampshire and California. About this he wrote in another tweet.

“Serious falsification of the voting in Virginia, new Hampshire and California – so why does the media not report it? This distortion – a big problem!” wrote a Republican. In all three States won major Clinton.

26 Nov former candidate for US presidents from the green Party, Jill Stein filed a petition with the requirement to reconsider results of elections in Wisconsin. Stein has also promised to submit a petition demanding the revision of votes in the States of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Trump called the initiative Stine “fraud” , stating that “the loser has already conceded defeat” and the election results should be respected. Campaign headquarters Clinton, meanwhile, has supported the initiative of the green Party.

The election of the American President took place on 8 November. As a result, the Donald trump scored 290 electoral votes with 270 needed, Hillary Clinton – 232. However, as reported by the media, voters cast more votes for Clinton – she voted to 64.2 million and the tramp – 62,2 million voters.

Trump said that millions of votes in the US presidential election were cast illegally 28.11.2016

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