The candidate in US presidents, Donald trump commented on the breakup of the Russian-us deal on Syria: despite the fact that announced that the U.S. Department of state, the billionaire is sure that the deal broke Russia, and thus showed disrespect for American leaders.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Arizona, trump said: “Russia broke the deal, and now they shoot, they bomb, something like that… It must end, and end quickly.”

Reuters reminds that earlier critics have criticized trump for excessive location in relation to Russia and to President Vladimir Putin, whom he called a great leader compared to the outgoing US President Barack Obama. Trump also suggested Russian hackers to spread to the public emails of his rival in the race Hillary Clinton – he later said that these comments were sarcasm.

In the current rally, trump said that he never met with Putin, and his current actions show disrespect towards Obama and Clinton, who previously worked with U.S. Secretary of state.

On Monday, the United States stopped the talks with Russia on Syria, saying that “Russia has failed to fulfill its promises, including its obligations under international humanitarian law”.

Trump said that Russia broke the deal on Syria and disrespected US 05.10.2016

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